From Busy to Blessing – Blessing Our Children with a Foundation of Healthy Habits

You have to cook dinner, right? The kids are always wanting a snack? They’re running all over the house making you pull your hair.

The days are crazy and before you know it, its 4:30 and you have nothing pulled out of the freezer and the kids are swinging from the ceiling lights.

How can I deal with the craziness and still be a blessing to my children, while not giving myself another guilty moment or thing to do?


It’s dinner time and nothing is ready. For myself I mentally throw all my food inventory into 3 categories: Meat, Vegetable {potatoes and other starchy veggies don’t count}, and Carbohydrate. I usually can cob together a healthy meal from what’s in the freezer. I just have to think a bit more creatively!
When you know you’re going to be out of the house during a meal or snack time, think about what things you caFrom Busy to Blessing How to Use Your Martha to Be a Mary For Your Children through Good Health, Nutrition and Exercise @JessicaMWhite.comn either easily pick up on the road, that are healthy, or that you can bring along. This is such a simple thing, with a huge impact for healthy.

This part will take a bit of planning. There are numerous books out there on how to serve healthy and easy meals that kids will eat. This is one of my favorites,Real {Fast} Food written by Trina Holden, who is also doing her own 31 Days series about real foods.

My kids love nothing more than being outside, but it doesn’t always fit into my schedule of things that need to get done, not to mention the weather. What do I do? I try to fit my schedule into play time. If I know that laundry is going to need to go out or come in, then I make sure the kids are out there with me. They can run, have Mama looking on and answering all the questions, and I’m still able to get the work I need to done.

We live in town, so I try to incorporate walks into our day, even if it means just walking to do errands or around the block. It gives them some fresh air time, and me a bit of exercise. If I have help we will occasionally brave the park, but that’s not something I can do on my own.

We all want our children to have what’s best in life, to know that we are starting them on the path of health, whether through good food choices or exercise. We’ve got to do the work anyways, might as well do it right. With a little bit of rethinking, we can often do what we’re already doing, but choose to make it healthier for our children.

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