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Peter 19 Months

We’re closer to two than one!

Christmas was so much fun with him this year….he was very much into all that was going on: Overwhelmed, yes, but loving it.

  • Weighing in at 28lbs, length 34″
  • Still solidly in 18/24 month clothes
  • His face is getting longer and thinner, losing that baby look
  • He’s becoming very intent when working on things (you can see a video of him with a gear on instagram)
  • Kind of going wonky with his naps…sometimes it’s a morning nap, sometimes afternoon, sometimes both…the days are numbered for both
  • Loves being snuggled and gets himself into the coziest places
  • He handled his first stomach bug like a champ! He, unfortunately, had it longer than anyone else too.
  • He’s still working on a couple of teeth…his gums are red, but nothing threw yet.

Peter 18 Months

Mr Pickles is 18 MONTHS OLD!

  • He’s weighing in at 27.5lbs and measuring 33.5″ long
  • Loves jumping, and does a surprisingly good job at it for an 18 month old
  • Really played in the snow for the first time…he wasn’t too keen on being all bundled and kept falling over.
  • Teeth 13 and 14th have started working their way in
  • He’s starting to articulate much more with his speech
  • Signing a lot more too
  • Wanting to play more and more with his big brothers and sisters, much to their chagrin
  • Still sleeping well at night and for naps
  • Loves to rub his dinner plate on his head and throw his cup in the pots {during dinner}
  • Becoming more “assertive” in what he wantsimg_3109

Peter 17 Months

Oh my…this boy is just growing up in leaps and bounds! I’m sure having older siblings really doesn’t help. Just today I was looking at him and he doesn’t even look like a baby anymore…it really is the little boy peeking back at me.


  • We have a solid 12 teeth now.
  • Running and climbing absolutely everywhere
  • Does a great job of throwing balls…he can actually kind of play catch.
  • Loves being on the trampoline (as long as no one else is bouncing him)
  • Loves hugging the dogs
  • Keeps coming out with new “words”. He now says “Where you?” “Everybody”
  • LOVES music and dancing. Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is his JAM!
  • Throws temper tantrums…but they’re really funny. He slowly lays himself out on the floor and looks at you…doesn’t flail about or anything, just lays there.
  • Loves blankets…he’s quite content to curl up on the couch (sometimes) and just cuddle, as long as he has a blanket and his thumb.
  • Occasionally he’ll lay on the floor and wait for you to get the idea that he wants his diaper changed.


Peter 16 Months


  • Has 11 teeth (8 in the front and 3 molars)
  • Weighing 28lbs (Henry was 33lbs and James was 29lbs)
  • Giving and blowing kisses
  • Lots of running and climbing
  • Starting to move to only one nap a day (totally going to throw a wrench in my day)
  • Waving bye-bye
  • Lots of mimicking…not a ton of actual words. He does say Mama, do (dog), uh-oh, Dada, la-lu (love you), Tank-ee (thank you) and some others.
  • His new trick is climbing along the back of the couch and climbing through the pass through into the kitchen.
  • Avie loves his cheeky little piggy smile: James loves his laugh: Ellie loves when he snores: Henry loves playing with Peter.

Peter 15 Months

He’s 15 months!


  • Weighing 25 lbs 4 ounces
  • Length 31.75″
  • Wearing 18-24 months (24 months are a bit big, 18 are a bit small)
  • Wearing around a size 5/6 in shoes
  • Has 11 teeth now (8 in front and 3 molars)
  • Still napping twice a day
  • Loves being on the swings
  • Sleeps from around 7:15pm until 7am (he sleeps better than the rest of my kids)
  • Eats almost anything, but loves bananas, avocados, and pancakes