4 Months Old

Babies grow up too fast, and the further down the birth order they are the faster they grow up.DSC_1400edit

  • Weighing in at 15lbs 8 ounces
  • Measuring 25.25″ long
  • Wearing 6 months in Carter’s
  • He has started to laugh and giggle
  • Loves watching the big kids run around
  • He’s enjoying sitting in his exersaucer
  • Loves his thumb
  • Will sit, propped, on the couch without falling over
  • Continues to sleep through the night {and gets very fussy in the late evening if you don’t put him to bed}
  • During Tummy Time he loves to put his head down and go to sleep
  • This boy sleeps to the point that I wonder if it’s normal
  • He’s always got a smile on his face and is ready to go anywhere…he is such an easy baby!



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