a Little Getaway

Last weekend, Matthew and I headed to the ocean for a few days away. After the craziness that has been our lives over the past several months I was bordering on desperation for quiet and time listening to the crash of waves. The boys’ speech therapist had often talked about Block Island, so I googled it. A few clicks later I realized that it wasn’t that far, that we wouldn’t have to drop a fortune (it was off season), and that we could have a few days just to chill. I was sold.

We caught the 3pm ferry from Point Judith and away we went.


We had two full days of just walking the beach, climbing rocks, eating, and being still.

Sea Breeze Inn Room #8 Block Island

Our first evening we drove around a bit before heading back to our supper: We had brought some bread, cheese, and fruit with us.

IMG_7788 trimmed

Then it was back to the beach for the sunset.

IMG_7796 trimmed

The next morning we met with a taste for adventure…climbing down the Mohegan Bluff’s 150 stairs and a final rocky (stairless) climb to the beach.IMG_7899 trimmed

We headed north in the afternoon to the North Lighthouse on Block Island.IMG_8028 trimme

The next day we just meandered…along beaches, through books, and writing. It was just quiet and peaceful and allowed my mind to untangle the knot that it had become.IMG_8101 trimmed

IMG_8168 trimmed

Our last night we headed to a different sunset location…back to the North Lighthouse. I only had my iphone, I’d forgotten to grab the nikon with a zoom lens before we left, but I still got a few good sunset pictures.
IMG_8227 trimmed

The next morning I was up early to catch the last of my ocean sunrises. The neat thing about Block Island is that it’s so far out at sea, that you get fantastic sunrises and sunsets…only a few miles apart.IMG_8250 trimmedWe headed home afterward. It was the ideal time away, for me, nature and quiet and just taking things slowly, without having to respond to every crisis that came up.



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