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Pursuing your Husband 31 Days of Tips, Tricks, Prayers, How Tos, & Why Tos to Build a More Intentional Passion with Your Husband

Yay! We’re almost to the half-way mark of #Write31Days! I’d love to hear from you about how you’re liking {or not liking} this series! Drop me a comment or an email telling me how you’re putting things into action or what other things you’d like me to talk about. {I’ll put an email form at the bottom of this post}.

This week we’ve talked about figuring out, or just asking, what your husband’s love language is…what things or actions make him feel the most loved and about putting those answer into action! Today we’re going to go a different direction in rediscovering your husband. One of the things that we’ve been doing over the past few weeks is being very intentional about asking the other questions.

Questions as simple as “What’s your favorite color?” “What’s your favorite meal?”…taking the questions way back to the basics, because, honestly, since the 15 years we last asked those simple questions, the answer may just have changed! I have a funny story to back this idea up:

My parents are going to be married 35 years in a few weeks. Growing up we ate a lot of broccoli {with cheese sauce or with fried bread crumbs}, a lot. At some point in the past 10 years my father admitted to my mom that he really doesn’t like broccoli. All these years he’s been choking down broccoli and my mom was unaware that he didn’t like it

My mom thought he liked it, he never said he didn’t. Communication fail! This is a big joke in our family, but it is so important to take to heart. How often do we just go through life, particularly our marriages, and make assumptions about the other person?! I know I’m guilty. The problem with doing this is two things. 1) We literally do not know anything about our husbands anymore and 2) We begin to look for the thrill of knowing someone somewhere else {which is never good}.

Where to begin? Google. There are tons of articles and blog posts with lists of questions to better know your spouse  The hardest part is to start asking the questions, because it is going to seem awkward at first to be asking your husband, who you are supposed to know simple questions, and it’s going to be uncomfortable to ask them the harder questions, but the questions need to be asked.

31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband

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  1. I’m really enjoying this series! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I’m definitely going to start putting this stuff into action. Thanks for helping me “push the reset button” after two babies and four years of marriage.

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying my series! Thank you for commenting.
      I look forward to hearing how things go for you and your husband!

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