Losing Loneliness

Losing Loneliness a Series Ecclesiastes 4 @JessicaMWhite
Over the past year I’ve seen more and more that my own struggle with loneliness and the lack of meaningful and life-giving friendships is not something that just I deal with. It is pandemic. Filling not only the church but everywhere. As never before women are feeling as though no one cares about them, that they are alone. Completely and utterly alone.
Losing Loneliness a Series Ecclesiastes 4 @JessicaMWhite

I still struggle with this myself, but have found some relief in knowing that I’m really not alone, that others struggle too. In this series, Losing Loneliness, I share my struggle, as well as how and why we must seek each other out.

I. Giving Loneliness a Name
II. The Devil’s Snare
III. Countering the Devil’s Plot

This is a continuing series, as I seek to lift you up while sharing my own story, sorrows and victories. You are not alone in this or anything in this life, even when it feels like you are.