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Racism in America: Educate Yourself

I have been quiet in this space, regarding the events, chaos, horrors that have been occurring in our country over the past few weeks, and ultimately centuries. Those words “events”, “chaos”, “horrors” are insufficient to wholly convey what is happening, what has happened for generations. Any words I say are not enough.

I have been reading and listening, as I always do, to all sides: Blacks, African Americans, Mixed/Bi-racial, left, right, liberal, conservative, law enforcement, politicians, and protesters, reaching out to those I know and felt would understand my heart, listening to them, their stories and experiences.

We must stand together with our BIPOC Brothers and Sisters, supporting them, listening to their stories. Understanding that we are each unique in what we have to offer to move forward, together.

I’ve reversed image searched and looked all over to find the source of this beautiful artwork…if you know please tell me, so I can credit them.

We must demand immediate change from all of our leaders on every level, but it must also begin with ourselves and our children.

We cannot rely solely on legislation to bring about equality and justice, because evil, flawed people will always find ways to abuse and murder others. It must begin in the hearts and minds of you and me.


* Podcasts – I have way more podcast episodes to recommend than anything else. These are the voices to hear, speaking to their own stories.

* Again, this list is in no way exhaustive, it is just some of what I’ve listened to over the past few weeks.

Educate yourself:
It’s the responsibility
of no one but you.

Curious Faith {a Review}

This book came out in 2016, it was one that I immediately pre-ordered and then it sat on my shelf. I wanted to sit and savor, to really enjoy this book, but in that moment life was burning and I was crashing.

I finally picked it up this week. MAN! What is it about picking up just the right book at just the right time?!

First off, if you have read this book before, I suggest re-reading it in light of the current pandemic situation: So BEYOND relevant, particularly chapters 5-6.

I first “met” Logan at the 2012 Allume conference, and had been following her blog for sometime, “Enjoying Life for Dessert”. I loved her bright sparkly personality, and absolute joy and zest for life. I still do!

Logan does a fantastic job of speaking to those of us who are “less holy” than others. Those who get angry at God, who are willing to wrestle with Him, and not be ashamed when they throw a few curse words around. She meets those of us who have big feelings and big struggles with God, without being sanctimonious.

She addresses throughout the book what it means to have a Curious Faith, to not allow ourselves to become stagnant and complacent, guided by fear and worry, but to continually seek God in such a way that allows us to see fresh His movement in our lives, as well as our ability to move in Him growing constantly.

I can’t recommend this book enough