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Cloth Diapers?! You Must Be Insane!

Since we’ve already covered the fact that I am indeed insane {known this for a long time} we will move straight into the cloth diapering.


To sum up this post in only a few words….I LOVE my cloth diapers! I love the colors, I love not buying diapers, I love the super-big heinies my kids have from them!

Making the Decision to Cloth Diaper Triplets {and their big sister} @LifeintheWhiteHouse

With Ave I had purchased around 25 diapers for her. In the beginning we used the old-fashioned prefold style with  the covers {which are super cute!}, since the Bum Genius 3.0s were a bit too big for her.Once she hit 10lbs, unless it was laundry day, she was in her BG3s. I loved the BG3s, my only issue with them was the velcro: It stuck to everything else when I did a load of diapers.

One of the things I most looked forward to with having another child was adding to our stash; a whole bunch of new styles and colors had come out since Ave was born. Then finding out it was triplets we seriously reconsidered cloth diapers: The cost, the work, etc.

I sat down with my calculator and figured out that buying disposable diapers for triplets would be approximately $50 a week at most, $20 at the low end, $80-200 a month. Over the course of one year we were looking at approximately $1000-2000 to use disposable diapers. I knew I could buy enough cloth diapers to last until potty training for around $600-700 (one time cost). Cloth diapers won.

Is it a lot easier to use disposable diapers? Yea, but it’s definitely not cheaper. We have around 60 diapers in our repertoire, mostly BumGenius4.0s {with snaps}, but we have a handful of Fuzzibunz sized diapers {x-small} as well as some prefolds and covers. We went with the BG4s this time because we figured the snaps would last longer and be easier than the velcro (it starts to curl after time and un-sticks…I now know this only happens if you put them in the dryer, which I did once in a while, before I realized I was destroying my diapers by doing so): However, the snaps are killing my fingers. Between snaps on diapers, onesies and clothes I’m anticipating arthritis.

Most people have a diaper genie or something next to their changing table, we have a 6 gallon bucket with a twist lid to throw diapers in until the next wash day. It keeps them contained and they don’t smell.

Laundry? I’m already doing laundry so really what is an extra load of laundry every other day? Nothing really. I use the same detergent on my cloth diapers as on our regular clothes…Purex Free and Clear. Diapers use such a small amount of detergent I can’t say that it’s any great additional expense to wash them.

And…honestly, could this be any cuter?

H, J and E

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