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Speak Up…before it’s too late.

In the late 80s, early 90s many parents saw the trajectory of the American school system and how it was failing children. They decided to pull their kids and educate them at home. A good and noble thing.

But it wasn’t enough.

30 years and a pandemic later the American school system is in crisis as it has continued to fail our children and our country.

Somewhere along the line it was believed that if kids were pulled out of school, they were fighting against the problem. But there weren’t enough people who pulled their kids out, and when they did, they removed themselves from having any impact on the children that were still in the classroom.

The future of any society is dependent on its children. Right now I’m speaking to EVERYONE who DOESN’T have a child in the public school system: Homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, retired, working, clergy, those without children. STAND UP AND SPEAK UP!


It’s not just about protecting only your children. It’s about protecting every child. It’s about protecting our nation’s future. It’s about speaking up for children who DO NOT have someone who can do that for them.

Too many children in our school systems DO NOT have a grownup in their life who is able to fight for them (whether it’s curriculum, masks, or vaccines). They are trusting the school system, out of exhaustion, to provide a solid educational foundation for their children, and it is FAILING them.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing in our country, then stand up, start speaking out at school board meetings, start running for school board positions, start writing letters to your school boards and superintendents. Because those of us in the trenches are tired and we are losing because there is not enough of us fighting, and it is EVERYONE’s fight.

Every single person in this country should be interested in what children are being taught in school, not just the extremist left. You want your values, your beliefs, your morals and ethics to continue in this country, then you need to start in your school district, and NOT just pull your kids out. 

If people truly want change in our country then you start with children. Ask any dictator, Hitler, Stalin, Che Guavera, Castro, Mao, as the children go, so does a country.  We can no longer sit idly by, because evil never rests.

Journaling: My Process

Do you journal?

I’ve journaled on and off since I was a kid. Some of my journals I still have, and some I have no idea where they are, others I started and never filled. I started this year with wanting a returning to journaling.

Much of my journaling over the past decade has been online via my blogs, and I’m grateful for those. I’d love to figure out how to get them printed, because those are my records of motherhood and my kids growing up.

With attempting a new foray into journaling I had to prepare myself with all the things. Wait, What? What things you ask. A journal and pens.

I have an old Mead 5 Star 5 subject notebook, college ruled, that’s about 6×9″ and I love that for notes and keeping track of things, when I used to have things to keep track of…before this pandemic. But I wanted something more “official”.

It needed to be pretty, college ruled lines, durable, lots of pages, and preferably spiral bound (because it’s so much easier to write in). That’s not what I ended up with.

I had seen one at Target that I kind of liked, but it wasn’t just right (not spiral bound), so I didn’t get it. Then I never saw another one even remotely close.

I ordered several from Amazon, but ended up returning them. I went back to Target and they were gone, I checked several Targets and finally found something similar. Sold!

That was last Summer…it sat, and sat, and sat…waiting. I don’t know what I was waiting for. Then it was 2020 and I felt like it’s now or never, but the whole idea was so built up in my mind that I was still terrified. What if I screwed this whole thing up? *eye roll*

It’s a journal, MY journal. It’s not a leather bound first edition of some classical work. I forced myself to write in it. But before I did, I had to figure out the next most important part of journaling: The Pen.

I’m a bit of a pen snob. I’m particular to how a pen feels in my hand, how it drags on the paper, what shade the ink is, and a variety of other idiosyncrasies that I can’t put to words to explain.

I’ve always used Pentel RSVP pens…it’s been my favorite since high school, and I buy them in the huge boxes…black ink, of course. Everyone kept saying to get Gel pens; I’ve tried them and never liked how they dragged on the paper, spit inky blotches, or smeared.

Then someone suggested Energel Needle Tip pens (0.7mm), so I splurged on them. Surprisingly I liked them. They wrote nicely, the colors were dark, there was no spitting or smudging. Works for me! Depending on what I’m doing I actually prefer them now to my RSVPs.

But I was still leary of doing something so *permanent* in a journal…wasn’t there an option for a pen that was colorful and wrote nice, but was still erasable. I mean, we had erasable pens back in the 80s, don’t they still exist?!

Not only did I find erasable pens, but erasable gel pens in 14 different colors. Yes! I tested them out before and they’re pretty cool. It’s a heat thing; the friction of the “eraser” makes the ink invisible. If you put it in the freezer the ink shows back up in a few minutes. Kind of cool for secret messages.

What did I end up actually using in my journal though? It wasn’t the erasable pens, I actually started writing with the purple EnerGel. I liked they way it wrote, I can kind of make it thicker or thinner depending on how I hold the pen. I also liked how the purple accented the turquoise cover of the journal.

I went to put my colored gel pens in my bedroom desk and opened the drawer to find ANOTHER pack of gel pens (not erasable) that I couldn’t remember when I bought. I looked on Amazon….the end of last summer. Not that long ago. Now they all sit on my desk looking pretty. I don’t write with them very often, usually only in notecards.

I want to hear from you: Do you journal? Do you have favorite pens or notebooks that you use? What are they?