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Please subscribe: I know this isn’t for everyone. I know for myself, unless someone is giving a freebie specifically to email subscribers, I don’t sign up for these. I have enough stuff in my email, without adding in blog posts from 150+ blogs. But some people do love this method…like my mom, who doesn’t follow a ton of blogs, and likes the easy access. So if this is for you, you can sign up for an email subscription to here or fill out the form below.

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Instagram: This is probably one of my most favoritest things. I actually went out and bought an iPod touch 5th Gen {I was wanting one anyways} because of the higher quality camera on it. I love, LOVE, LOVE Instagram.

Facebook: Not my top priority, but I do post. I try to keep it updated with current blog posts, and any other things I find around the internet that I want to share with my readers.

Twitter: I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. Yea, I’m on there. Yea, I try and buffer different blog posts that I find interesting, but it is definitely not something I spend a ton of time on, but occasionally I do go on a twitter kick for a day or so. If you’re more familiar with Twitter, you can find me here.

Pinterest: I go through phases with Pinterest. Suddenly I’ll remember it exists and go pin-crazy. Then nothing will be striking my fancy there and I’ll forget about it for a while. I do love it though, and I do love my boards. They’re great and so helpful to me to keep track of things. If you’re on pinterest you can find me here.

Periscope/YouTube: Yes, I’ve been bitten by the Periscope bug {@jessicamwhite} too! You can find me there when I’m live or my videos on YouTube.


And of course there is always good ol’fashioned email!
I’m always there and always respond, even if it does take me a couple of days.

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