A Fine Imitation {a Review}

9781101905111Just finished this one; and I have to say it was good. I managed to finish it in 3 days: Yea, haven’t done that in a while. The story is about Vera, a highfalutin well off girl in Manhattan, caught in an empty and unloving marriage, until the residence of the building her husband owns commission an artist to paint a mural in their underground swimming pool. The story alternates with the “current” story line (1923) and Vera’s life 10 years ago, at Vassar college where she is an art major. This is a first publication for author, Amber Brock.

I really enjoyed this book. I love historical fiction, in general, but felt that the story is relevant regardless of the time period: The struggle to do what is accepted, live with the consequences, and make better decisions for your future. Now, this wasn’t a lofty, intellectual read, but it was enjoyable and quick. Vera was well written, however I felt the rest of the characters were rather flat…but I believe that was part of the author’s goal in creating characters that showed their own shallowness.

There was one brief sex scene, less than a paragraph and nothing graphic, if that kind of thing is not something you tolerate. Overall, though I felt that it was a great read. It helped me feel like I accomplished something, without being overwhelmed and dreading the task ahead.

Brock was great too. I had tagged her on Instagram and she was quick to comment and reply!

You can pick this book on Amazon, or anywhere else for that matter.

*I received this book for free from BloggingForBooks.com; the opinions expressed are my own. You can read my disclosure policy here.



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