From Busy to Blessing – Blessing Friends by Planning the Fun!

Maybe you love to plan things; maybe you just like to organize; maybe you don’t but wish someone else would Even if this is not your forte, planning things that is, it is probably somebody’s.

For a long time I bemoaned the fact that no one invited ME to things…then I realized something: Umm..maybe I should invite them. I enjoy figuring out things to do, sending out invitations and calling places for information.

So I did. I started a Mom’s Night Out group: Got on Facebook, created a group, and invited a bunch of my local mom acquaintances. From Busy to Blessing Bringing the Fun!

I love planning things. This takes the stress off of others, giving me the chance to use one of my skills, that I enjoy using, to bless others. All these ladies need to do, is throw out some suggestions and dates, then show up.

“A Friend Loves at ALL Times…” Proverbs 17:17

Know a single mom, or any mom for that matter, who could probably use a break? Offer to watch her kids for a couple of hours {you’re already caring for your own}. Swap daycare with friends. Sometimes this works better than others. I don’t dare subject anyone to my little hellions, err children, without me present; I don’t think anyone would be up for that, no matter how well meaning.

This of course can be something that you go out of your way to do, but it is also something that, with a little ingenuity, can be done with little to no extra effort! Think of things that you already have going on in your life, is it possible to include 1 or 2 more people in it. Inviting others to things that you are looking forward to is almost guaranteed to be a good time.

Doesn’t this cross into the hospitality area? Of course it does! Anything you do for someone else is hospitality; whether in your home or theirs or someplace else entirely. We are CALLED to be hospitable to others!

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