From Busy to Blessing – Blessing Others through Your Love of Reading

Do you like to read? Do all your friends tell you they don’t know how you find the time to read as much as you do? That’s great! Keep on reading! I’ve nowFrom Busy to Blessing Blessing Others through Your Love of Reading
taken the approach that I can be a filter of sorts for my friends. I can read the books I want, without feeling like I’m wasting valuable time.

There are thousands of books on parenting, on homeschooling, on faith, on marriage, on nutrition, and while I can’t read every single one of them, I can pass them along to my friends.

I can spend my time and love of reading to turn around and bless others with sharing a quick review with them, whether it’s one that they need to take the time to read or not. Or one that I can just as easily share the few notes and pearls of wisdom that I gleaned from my readings, sparing them the guilt of not having the time to read an entire book.

You can do this with ANYTHING, not just books. Find a great article somewhere, pass it along to you friends. Share what you’ve discovered in the word, whether the Bible, the news, or in a book. In this modern day world of email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest….bless those around you by sharing the good you find!

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