From Busy to Blessing – Community Food Banks and Soup Kitchens

When I was a kid, my parents and I helped out in a soup kitchen. I don’t even remember the why we did, but we did. And it has been something that has stuck with me over the past 20 years. From Bust to Blessing Food Banks and Soup Kitchens

Have I ever gone back, unfortunately no. Once I had the time {in college} I didn’t have the desire…funny how that works. Now with a bunch of littles, it’s not going to happen, but it will someday.

But what can we do?

I go grocery shopping. I find out what’s needed in our local food bank or at places that serve free meals, and throw a few of those items in my cart. The increase in our groceries is minimal, I’m already doing it, why not do it to bless.

Our church “adopts” several families during the holiday season {through social services}, providing them with not only gifts, but food. We always are sure to add some groceries to the stash, whether it’s a ham or turkey that’s needed, vegetables, or desserts.

We’re heading into that time of year when people struggle to not only keep food on the table, but keep a roof over their head, and clothes on their children. What with the added expense of heating homes, most people need a helping hand and look to food banks and soup kitchens for help. We can be that help. It doesn’t cost much, you’re already Martha-ing it, and it can Mary to someone else!

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