From Busy to Blessing – Hospitality in Your Own Home

Oh boy, it’s that “H” word again! Hospitality! You better believe it! For some people this is easier than others. If it’s not easy for you, figure out why: Do you have ridiculous expectations of yourself? Are you not a good cook? Is dinner never on the table when you think it will be? I can pretty much guarantee you that whatever your own issue is, there is a solution to it.

“He said, “Come in, O blessed of the Lord. Why do you stand outside? For I have prepared the
house and a place for the camels.”
Genesis 24:31

From Busy to Blessing Hospitality in Your Own Home @JessicaMWhite.comWork out the kinks. Figure out what those problem areas are and then figure out how to address them. If nothing is ready at the same time, then make a casserole or a one dish meal: If you’re not the best cook, make a recipe that you are familiar with and know will come out right: If you’re hoping to serve a 7-course meal on fine china, but don’t have the time or knowledge to dedicate to it, then lower your expectations.

I admit, as much as I love cooking and entertaining and plying my guests with good food, I don’t always love the stress and deadlines of hosting people in my home. They exist, but there can be grace. I very often need to remind myself that guests are coming to see me, not my home, that if everything is absolutely magazine ready, they may not feel comfortable enough to kick back and relax, for fear of messing things up.

If you’re really not up to the task of hosting a crowd, then start small: Maybe it’s just those friends who are really easy going, maybe it’s a neighbor that’s alone. You don’t have to start out with hosting 50 people in your home for a sit down dinner. Honestly, unless you’re TheNester, Logan Wolfrom or Sally Clarkson, I don’t recommend that.

If it’s easier for you to start by inviting a friend over for a cup of coffee, then go for it! If hosting a home party is more your speed, since it takes the light off of you, do that! The important thing is to NOT make this something that will stress you out, take what you are already doing and mold it so that you can bless others. Choose to take the step, pray over it, and the Lord will surely bless you and your time with others.

This is one of those topics that is very near and dear to my heart, you can be sure that if this series ends up being a book, there will be so much more about being a hostess.

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