From Busy to Blessing: How to Use Your Martha To Be a Mary

Does anyone remember #31Days back when it was hosted by The Nester?

It was a commitment by bloggers to write for the 31 days of October, linking their blog to a main page so that anyone could follow along on the topics that interested them. It was wonderful! It was a great way to find new writers and meet new readers!

Ten years ago, in the midst of life with a 3-year-old and 3 1-year-olds, I wrote about how I could take the daily busy work that I was already doing, and use it to bless others. How to Use Your Martha to Be a Mary began!

Even then, I had every intention of turning the over 10,000 words I had written into a book of some sort.

10 years, a massive home salvage, a fifth child, and a whole lot of life later I finally managed it.

Available on both and I present to you: