From Busy to Blessing – Serving the World from Right Where You Are

I love Operation Christmas Child; have loved it since before we had kids. If I could stand on the rooftops and shout out about Operation Christmas Child, I would! It is such a wonderful, hands on way to Mary to others!

Yea, but we don’t have the time! We don’t have the money for those extra purchases! Check out this post here, on ways to afford OCC.
From Busy to Blessing - Serving the world from right where you are
What do I do? Go back to that store you already spent an hour in this morning, or on your next trip, look at things in the clearance section, look at school supplies, look at socks, tooth brushes, soap etc. Every time you go to this store, pick up a few things. You’ll be surprised when you go to fill your boxes!

Cleaning out the kids toys? Organizing those endless messes? Take some of those things and put them aside for OCC or the Salvation Army. Look at you! Using your cleaning to bless someone you’ll never even meet! I have a box in my attic that we fill throughout the year with all those smaller things that end up in our house that we just don’t need (they are things that are in excellent condition, no garbage being pawned off).

If you want to keep it closer to home, serving a more tangible family, check out The Box Project, another great organization. Look at getting a part time job or creating some extra source of income to sponsor a child with Compassion International — You can read our Compassion story here— or to specifically donate to a charity.

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