From Busy to Blessing – The Gift of Knowledge

All parents want their children to have the best chance of success in life as possible, and all parents have a different idea of how this is achieved, but there is typically one similarity between all the methodology…learning must be constant.

From Busy to Blessing The Gift of Knowledge for Our Children
Whether you public school, private school, home school, un-school or any other type of “school”, learning is a very important part of our children’s lives. Learning doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal sit down with workbooks and textbooks; learning can happen right alongside you in everyday life. And honestly, that learning will probably be some of the most useful.

Book smarts has its place…absolutely. But there’s something to be said for common sense and day to day life skills. When I was in school we had a subject called Home Economics, yes, they still called it that back then. The whole point of the subject was to teach children how to function as an adult, whether it was cooking dinner, writing a letter in cursive, balancing a check book or learning how to sew a button on. For some reason, these skills have been lost from most schooling.

As parents all we have to do is share our daily tasks with our children. Invite them to help you cook dinner, invite them to setup a savings account and help you with the bookkeeping, or teach them to do the laundry {extra points for passing that baton off to a younger generation}.

The bottom line is that this isn’t something that need take tons of extra time on your part, a little bit extra…yes, a lot of patience…yes, but it is something which will bless your children in their own life, and their spouse’s.

The one core busy that can be taken away from this entire weeks posts is that we need to spend time with our children, not only doing fun and meaningful things, but in sharing the mundane too {that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!}. If our children know that we value them, desire their company, then so many of our parenting fears can be put aside.

I hope this week has blessed you and given you some new thoughts on how to bless your children through your busy. Next week, I’ll be sharing about how you can use your Martha to be a Mary for your husband.

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