From Busy to Blessing – Using the Hobbies You Love to Love Others

Just as we are all parts of the body of Christ, all parts must be used for the church to function in a healthy and useful manner. If we choose not to pursue our talents, always to His glory, then we are saying that God was wrong, that He must’ve meant for someone or something else to be His will. That He didn’t know what He was doing: As such, we are questioning His sovereignty over our very lives.From Busy to Blessing Using Your Hobbies and Skills to Love Others @JessicaMWhite

That said, that doesn’t mean we can’t question HOW He wants us to USE our talents, because honestly, I think we all wonder how exactly we can use our gifts to His glory. Not every gift’s usefulness is obvious.

How does a talent for business help the church, or meal planning, or child care build His Kingdom? Even a talent for trouble can be used by God, showing others His providence in pulling you, once again, from the error of your ways. If you do all to His glory, allowing Him to shine through all that you do, then people will see Him in you.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others,
as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”
1 Peter 4:10

It doesn’t matter if you have a talent for investment, a talent for cooking, a talent for sewing, a talent for construction, or a talent for comforting others. What matters is that you DO: Once again, trusting Him to use your words and actions for His purposes.

Maybe you have an avid interest in cooking or in doing hair and makeup. Maybe for you it’s sewing or knitting. You want to do all these different things, but have no idea who to pass the end product onto. Find someone who needs it. There are countless organizations across the US that need the help of willing people, even people right within your church and community.

Here’s a quick list of national organizations {I found all of these through a quick google search}:

Take those interests of yours and BLESS others: Make lap quilts for babies in the NICU, knit shawls for the nursing home, volunteer your cosmetic skills at a women’s shelter, cooking at a soup kitchen. No matter what you have an interest in there is something, someONE, that you can bless with them.

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