Grace Multiplied

While at Allume, I kept seeing this table that was decked out in green and black-eyed-susans with big’ol pregnant bellies everywhere. I kept wanting to go over there, but what could I, an infertile, have to do with that display. Finally, Saturday night, I worked up the courage to go over and see what it was about.

At first glance I had thought it was a hippy-dippy plug for natural childbirth; well I’m disqualified on that one after having had an epidural with the triplets. What I found out was that it had to do with an e-book, written by Angie Tolpin, titled “Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence, in Pregnancy, Childbirth, Delivery and Beyond”.

“The goal is not to convince women to choose the same method of birthing, but rather to encourage women to engage whatever circumstances, trials, or experiences the Lord allows intentionally seeking His wisdom, counsel and care through the spiritual disciplines of study, meditation, prayer, praise and worship.”  from

Angie was speaking to another woman, and I stood by listening to their conversation: I heard mentions of pregnancy, delivery, seeking God, and feeling His grace during pregnancy and birth. This was something I could get behind! Dinner was calling, so I dropped my business card in a bowl and briefly interrupted to tell Angie I would be emailing her, and she would know when it was me.

I contacted Angie and we emailed back and forth about my own pregnancy and birth experience with the triplets and I asked if she would be interested in a guest post. I’d love it if you visited Redeeming Childbirth today and shared in my story of God’s grace in my delivery.



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