Henry, James and Elanor 4 Years Old

It’s hard to believe these little tiny babies of mine are huge, strapping 4 year olds!


  • Weighs 43lbs
  • Height 42″
  • Wearing a size 12/13 in shoes and solidly in a 5 for clothing
  • Loves everyone, but especially his littlest brother, Peter…he’s completely enamored with him. Always saying how adorable he is and asking if we can keep him. He is always calling him “Pickles”
  • Knows all his colors, some of his shapes, and learning his letters
  • Loves telling jokes that make absolutely no sense
  • Goes from telling me that I’m a mean mommy {or daddy} and he doesn’t like me to telling me I’m a good mommy and he loves me
  • He loves playing with his trains and tracks
  • Loves sneaking off with ipads and iphones


  1. Favorite color: Blue
  2. Favorite toy: Legos
  3. Favorite fruit: Chocolate Chips {then Bananas}
  4. Favorite show: Lightning McQueen
  5. Favorite clothes: Buzz Costume, Pirate Jammies
  6. Favorite computer game: Lion Guard
  7. Favorite game: Legos
  8. Favorite sport: Soccer
  9. Favorite snack: Fruit strip
  10. Favorite animal: Hippo
  11. Favorite song: Lightning McQueen {no idea}
  12. Favorite book: Cars and Mater
  13. Favorite cereal: Crispix
  14. Favorite outside game: Mommies and Daddies
  15. Favorite drink: Milk
  16. Favorite breakfast: Crepes
  17. Favorite lunch: Mac and Cheese
  18. Favorite dinner: Pasta
  19. Favorite holiday: Halloween and Christmas
  20. Best friend: Peter
  21. Favorite thing to take to bed: Oma blanket and Mommy’s Oma blanket
  22. When he grows up he wants to be a boy and play soccer


  • Weighs 47lbs
  • Height 45″
  • Wearing a size 1 in shoes, 5/6 in clothes
  • Now wearing glasses
  • Takes 30 minutes to say goodbye to anyone, he needs to make sure he gets all his hugs and kisses in
  • Knows his colors, most shapes, and learning his letters.
  • Has a fiery temper
  • Loves playing computer games
  • He’s starting to show some interest in “school” with Avie
  • He does get frustrated when you can’t understand him, but his thoughts and word choices are incredible and elaborate
  • He has a very particular bed time routine every night: The door stays open, the lights stay on, he sleeps for only 2 minutes and we have to tell everyone not to wake him up.


  1. Favorite color: Orange
  2. Favorite toy: Robot
  3. Favorite fruit: Orange
  4. Favorite show: Despicable Me
  5. Favorite clothes: Lightning McQueen jammies that Baba made
  6. Favorite computer game: Lion Guard
  7. Favorite game: ABCMouse.com
  8. Favorite sport: Baseball
  9. Favorite snack: Fruit strip
  10. Favorite animal: Tiger
  11. Favorite song: Jesus Loves Me
  12. Favorite book: Pirates Don’t Take Baths and Oscar and Tilly
  13. Favorite cereal: PopPaul’s with strawberries
  14. Favorite outside game: Tag
  15. Favorite drink: Healthy Drink {Kombucha}
  16. Favorite breakfast: Egg in a frame
  17. Favorite lunch: Liverwurst sandwich
  18. Favorite dinner: Chicken
  19. Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving {I think Avelyn was coaching on this one}
  20. Best friend: Our neighbors–Esther and Anthony {although they barely ever see them}
  21. Favorite thing to take to bed: Oma blanket and mommy quilt
  22. When he grows up he wants to be a daddy on a boat.


  • Weighs 37lbs
  • Height 40.5″
  • Wearing a size 12 in shoes, 4/5 in clothes
  • Knows her colors, shapes and learning her letters
  • Such a daddy’s girl…most days I hear all day long “When’s my daddy coming home? I miss him so much”
  • Knows how to work her tears and meltdowns
  • Very much enamored with Avie, until Avie doesn’t do what Ellie wants
  • She has to make sure she has the right blanket by smelling it…that’s right…smell
  • She’s a whiner and has a scream to rival a bansidhe
  • Loves playing with her dolls
  • Must have everything PINK


  1. Favorite color: Pink
  2. Favorite toy: My Little Pony
  3. Favorite fruit: Cheddar Bunnies {then strawberries, bananas etc}
  4. Favorite show: Cinderella
  5. Favorite clothes: Princess Dress
  6. Favorite computer game: Palace Pets
  7. Favorite game: Palace Pets
  8. Favorite sport: Baseball
  9. Favorite snack: Cheddar Bunnies
  10. Favorite animal: Zebra
  11. Favorite song: Feel the Light from Home
  12. Favorite book: Paddington and Dragons Love Tacos
  13. Favorite cereal: Letter Cereal
  14. Favorite outside game: Bouncy {Trampoline}
  15. Favorite drink: Milk
  16. Favorite breakfast: Pancakes
  17. Favorite lunch: Mac and Cheese
  18. Favorite dinner: Spaghetti
  19. Favorite holiday: Holiday Sauce {Halloween and Easter}
  20. Best friend: Avie
  21. Favorite thing to take to bed: Oma blanket and hot water in her sippy
  22. When she grows up she wants to be a princess in a tower.

All three kids

  • They’re all finally potty-trained for day and night {Henry we finally just had to take away the night time diaper, because he was dry every morning, but if I didn’t get him changed fast enough he’d poop and then say he needed a shower}.
  • They’re all in big kid beds: The boys have bunk beds and the girls have bunk beds.
  • No more naps….which is killing me.
  • They’re actually starting to listen more and help with things around the house. Elanor in particular loves helping.
  • They’re all obsessed with having a loose tooth.


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