How to Organize and Keep Track of the Books You Want to Read and Have Read

Last year I remember seeing a lot of posts about an empty shelf change, but I never read any of them. You gotta be kidding me, I thought, how am I supposed to empty a shelf in my house?! I figured it out: You move out, that’s how. I boxed up all my books this summer, so that we could move furniture to do the dining room floors.

They didn’t all make it back on the shelves, some of them even ended up on the front porch in a box for the library and Salvation Army {if you want to stop by and look through them, by all means…}. Obviously the empty shelf concept didn’t work last year, and probably won’t after I put away all the books I got for Christmas…Matt got me just a few {His response: What? Used books are cheap}, but for right now I have an empty shelf {and a pile on the table}!Books Matt got me for Christmas

Here’s what I do, for my non-empty shelf dilemma

 I put all of the books I want to read on ONE shelf.

How to Organize Your Books  Keeping Track of What You Have to Read and Have Read Already

That’s it, earth shattering I know. They’re all in one spot, they’re not getting lost, I can see what I have to read and what I’ve finished. It’s brilliant, if I say so myself. It also helps me to avoid the whole “What do I read next?” I just go to my shelf and grab the next one. It’s awesome! So, yea, that empty shelf right there is going to be getting real full…real fast. Here’s the pile sitting on my table waiting to go fit right in there. I think I might need a bigger shelf.


Last year I managed to read around 30 books; which wasn’t too shabby {I share all the books I’ve read HERE}. I did allow myself some unexpected, and much needed, fiction reading time. Before kids the majority of my reading was fiction, now most of it is non-fiction/parenting/motherhood books. If you want to keep tabs on what I’m reading this year, you can find them all listed HERE.

What books would you add to my reading list?


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