Pursuing Your Husband through the Written Word

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Yesterday we talked about the why of using the written word when it comes to pursuing your husband. Today I’m going to give you a list of what-tos. Now before you start thinking that this is going to be really intensive and require a lot of time…it’s not. It will require you to be intentional though, to actually put forth a bit of effort. If you want to make this simple…you absolutely can, if you want to make this complex…go for it.

For most of words are incredibly powerful, whether for good or for bad. We remember the kind and uplifting things that someone has said to us, as well as the things that tore us apart. We have to make a choice as to whether the words we share with someone will be edifying or not.

The How-to and What-to of Pursuing Your Husband through the Written Word at JessicaMWhite.com

I tossed out a couple of ideas yesterday about how to pursue your husband with the written word: Post it notes, cards, etc. Now we will touch on a few ideas of what-to say…

  • I love you.
  • List of what you love about your husband {character traits, physical attributes, etc}
  • A favorite memory you’ve shared {I recently shared one with Matthew from before we were dating and he had no idea that THAT moment had emblazoned itself in my memory so strongly}
  • Bible verse or poem of the day
  • Something you’re proud of them about
  • Encouragement for a difficult day ahead
  • Share a secret thought with them…I’ll leave that to your imagination 😉

One of the things that Matthew and I did while we were dating {and in the same town} was having a notebook in which we could write to each other. Every once in a while I come across that notebook and am so blown away at the time and thought we put into loving one another. We recently have started doing this again, because we both missed these words of love for each other.

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  1. Hi, my husband and I keep a notebook [we have for years now] and write to each other each morning. They are definitely love notes… of encouragement, support, and just life. It is fun to go back- just snippets of our marriage and life together. That said, there have been days, weeks, and months we miss, but we pick right back up where we left off. It’s such a joy to have this with him. So I ‘second’ Jessica – if you aren’t doing this, go grab any notebook or get a fancy journal and start it! 🙂

  2. I leave for work about two hours before my husband gets up. There isn’t a single day that I don’t leave a “love note” for him☺️ It always says good morning! I hope you slept well. And it’s always signed love you with a heart smiley.
    When ever I am in a huge hurry and I don’t stop to leave that small note on a post it or scrap of paper, he tells me how much he misses it. He intern leaves “love notes” for me on Post-it’s which I find in hidden places☺️ Inside cabinets on coffee cups, drawers, anywhere I might happen upon them during a regular day.
    Seemingly small gesture but very important to our day-to-day life☺️

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