Pursuing Your Husband Through the Written Word

31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband @JessicaMWhite.com

Most of us see our spouses every day, some of us at least see each other a few times a week, and some go months without seeing one and other.  While Matthew and I were in college we were over 300 miles apart for several weeks on end, and when he shipped out with his school {he went to a maritime academy} he would be gone for 2+ months, with no communication {there was no email or cell phones}.

Near or far pursuing your husband through the written word is possible.

For much of our relationship, before being married, we were forced to communicate to each other through writing. We have boxes of the cards and letters we sent each other. For Matthew, there was nothing quite as thrilling as hearing your name shouted during mail call. For me, I loved opening the mailbox to find a letter posted with a foreign stamp.

Those words between us were treasured.

During our marriage we still took time to write each other cards and little notes. We fell out of habit of doing this over the past few years and we’ve both felt the loss. WRITE TO YOUR HUSBAND! Take 30 seconds and write on a post-it and stick it on his rear view mirror; send him an email; tuck a card in his briefcase. Something that lets him know that you’re thinking of him!

For many people texting is another way of writing to one another. Matt only just got texting on his phone last year {he’s behind the times}, so we NEVER texted! He only just got a smartphone 4 months ago, until then texts were far and few between.

We have been so much more intentional the past few weeks with sending each other texts. It helps us to be a presence in the other’s daily life, to talk without kids running around screaming at us, to feel that even when we’re apart the other is still thinking of us.

Tomorrow I’m going to share some ideas of WHAT to write to each other….so stay tuned!

31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband @JessicaMWhite.com


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