Let’s Get Physical!

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Last week, at the end of the questions, I hinted a bit at what was to come this week: The physical. Physical contact is so important in a marriage, and I’m not talking just about sex {we will get to that later in the week}! Physical touch shoots off all kinds of chemicals and messages in our brains that help us to feel loved and to express love.

In the original post that inspired this #Write31Days series I told a story about my parents and a dear friend of my grandmother’s. She pointed my teenage self to the Bible in regards to my reaction to my parents kissing each other: “Greet one another with a kiss of love.” 1 Peter 5:14. It’s stuck with me. We are called to love on another, not just in thought and word, but in deed, and what better way to express our love than through physical affection!

This week we’re going to touch on the importance of touching our husbands; of kissing and hugging, of holding hands and yes, the importance of sex. It is all these things that God created for us to enjoy with our husbands. A variety of touches from us to them that can have a deep impact on our husbands, their emotions, and our marriages.

I want you to think back to your first date with your husband. I’m sure at some point you were completely anxious about whether he would touch your hand, and absolutely elated when he first did. We are hardwired to respond to touch. Let it be the touch of our husbands we thrill to, and our touch that sends our husbands into orbit.31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband @JessicaMWhite.com


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