My Favorite Books for Advent

My Favorite Books for Advent {Preparing Your Heart and Mind for Christ}

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It’s my most favorite time of the year…time to pull out all of the books that just give me the warm fuzzies like non-other can. While there are a plethora of stories that I thoroughly enjoy {I will be sharing them with you later this week}, there are a few special ones that bring to the forefront of my mind and heart, what this season is truly about. Those are the books I’m going to share with you today.

My Favorite Books for Advent {Preparing Your Heart and Mind for Christ}

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive as there are so many wonderful, WONDERFUL books that all seek to remind us of the importance and meaning of this season. These are the ones that I’ve just grown to love over time.

Women of Christmas: I reviewed this book last year and I’m so excited to get back into it this year! It shares the stories of 3 women surrounding the birth of Jesus, and how God was working in their life. It’s a great, fun, easy read, that’s just so enjoyable!

God Rest Ye Merry: My mom ordered this book for me the year it came out, but it ended up being so popular that it was backordered and didn’t show up until after Christmas! I read it anyway. The first half of the book is a discussion about the importance of Christmas across the board, from the politics to the parties. The second half is a daily devotional reading. Both are awesome!

The Greatest Gift: When I ordered this book last year I didn’t realize that it was a day by day advent reading, until it was halfway through the month. The great thing was that you can take it day by day or you can read it chunks at a time. I so want to have quiet time in these devotionals every day, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Either way the words in this book are a wonderful gift.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: I was excited when I heard that there was a family counter-part coming for The Great Gift! I took it out of hiding the other day to peruse the pages and see how it would fit into our family readings. It looks lovely! The illustrations are beautiful and each day of the month has a scripture reading, followed by a story; perfect for my kids!

The Purpose of Christmas: I received this book YEARS ago from Matt’s grandfather for Christmas {he bought one for everyone in the family}. It was a wonderful book! It’s a straight book, not a devotional, that gets right to the heart of the absolute meaning of Christmas, with none of the fluff. This book is a great balance to God Rest Ye Merry…they’re both on the same topic, but with a different perspective.

While this last one isn’t so much a book, it is an e-book with activities and scriptures to help your little ones to embrace Christmas, it is a wonderful addition, that I just couldn’t leave out! I even used Truth in the Tinsel last year for our Sunday School curriculum {they do sell one specifically for Sunday School, but I only had 2 kids}, the kids loved it and it was easy to put together.

You can find my list of Christmas stories HERE and our family favorites for Christmas books HERE.


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