Our Top Ten Favorite Christmas Reads for Children

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There’s a special kind of book for me: Christmas books. There is no other book genre in the world that I hold more dear to my heart than Christmas books. It doesn’t matter if they’re for adults or children, I love them, but children’s books are especially wonderful.

We were doing the whole Advent book thing the past few years, but I never managed to get the books wrapped. So, I waited and brought out a new book every day, but there were all these AWESOME books that I didn’t want to wait to read! This year I tossed the whole idea, since I’m striving for a Simple Christmas. We now have a Rubbermaid tote sitting in Avelyn’s room with ALL of the Christmas books in it, just waiting for us!Our Top Ten Favorite Christmas Reads for Children @JessicaMWhite.com

Bold-Italic—Loved for Illustrations and Words
Bold—Loved for Illustrations
Italic—Loved for Words

1. Winter’s Gift by Jane Monroe Donovan

Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL illustrations about an old man, a lonely Christmas, and a horse. The story is gently woven around a snowy Christmas and the reminder that we always have room to hope.

2. Pippin the Christmas Pig by Jean Little

This is another book that we got from the library and loved so much that we had to go get our own copy. It’s the story of a little piglet who wants to know what Christmas is, and just where she fits in. The heart of this story is beautiful, and the illustrations certainly don’t hurt.

3. Mortimer’s Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson

Karma Wilson is the author of the Bear Books, and Jane Chapman does the illustrations in all of them! They are beautiful, fun, and bright; sure to catch a child’s interest. Mortimer’s Christmas Manager is about a little mouse looking for a new home, and along the way learns something new.

4. The Polar Express  by Chris Van Allsburg

One of my favorite movies, resulted in one of my favorite books. I love, LOVE The Polar Express. The illustrations in this book are PURE MAGIC, in only that way that Christmas can be. The story is familiar, but all the better with each reading.

5. God Gave Us Christmas  by Lisa Tawn Bergren

One of our favorite children’s books is God Gave Us You, and when I saw this book I had to have it! The story once again brings me to damp eyes and a warm heart, all fueled by the beautiful story of God’s Love in wonderful illustrations.

6. The Christmas Candle by Richard Paul Evans

The story is beautiful in this book: Redefining for us what Christmas is about. The illustrations in this book are just staggering, very similar to the styles of Dutch painters Vermeer and Rembrandt, simple, complex and stunning when studied.

7. Little Red’s Christmas Story by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

This is a fun story that we also got from the library. It’s the tale of Little Red and her friends on a Christmas adventure. Sarah Ferguson tells a wonderful story, with a fun plot and delicious word choices. The illustrations are detailed, fun and eye catching. This is one that both Ave and I always pick to read. {Especially with a British accent.}

8. The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett

We love Jan Brett and ALL her books, but this is one of our favorite Christmas books of her’s. Not only are the illustrations great {have you ever noticed that Brett tells a parallel story in the margins of each page?}, but the story is about a young elf who takes her job a bit too seriously. I think we can all relate at Christmas time.

9. One Snowy Night by M. Christina Butler

I love Butler’s books, her books are usually illustrated by Jane Chapman or Tina MacNaughton who’s illustrations I always love. One Snowy Night is no different, telling the tale of a hat that gets passed along, until it finds the one who needs it most.

10. The Animals’ Christmas Eve by Gale Wiersum

The illustrations are nothing fancy in this book, but the sing-song words are sure to catch a child’s attention…particularly one that loves animals. The book goes through the animals in the barn, each sharing a little piece of the Christmas story and their part in it.

We have so many more than just what’s here. There seems to be a certainly magic in Children’s books, and that magic seems to grow even stronger when Christmas is a part of it.

What are some of your favorite children’s Christmas books?


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