Harry Potter, an updated reading

First a little disclaimer: When Harry Potter first came out, in my high school senior social studies class we had to select a book and write a report. We were in social studies/history, so I of course chose a very appropriate book (The Killer Angels). Another student had the audacity to choose a children’s book, Harry Potter. I was quick to let them know my disapproval of such weak literature.

Fast forward only a few years and I was one of those anxiously awaiting the arrival of the final book on July 21, 2007. My how things change. I will gladly admit how wrong I was.

Overall take away…. From all 7 books. Aside from the obvious lack of moral imagination (the premise of a story, in which the good guy never does bad things and always follows the rules etc), I have once again thoroughly loved these books.

While they are stuffed with magic, obviously, they touch on so many situations that very real people experience. Hard situations with family dynamics, grief, poverty, privilege, a plethora of -isms, and a variety of people and situations being redeemed.

While it certainly isn’t on par with the works of Tolkien and Lewis, the Harry Potter books speak on a variety of important lessons, if one is willing to listen. From the discrimination that Hermione and Remus face, as well as the Weasley family, to the abuse of power by the Malfoys, the media, and the ministry itself. There are countless examples of the individual experience and how others can greatly affect, for better or worse, the people around them.

All in all, I still heartily recommend this collection of stories. 

Just finished the Harry Potter series. I’m not sure if it’s the 2nd or 3rd reread…the kids got me confused with having started reading it to them. But I read them. I had debated just turning off the light at 10:20, at the beginning of the Battle for Hogwarts. I knew the sadness that was coming. But I read on. Finished it  at 1:40am.

So many things to flesh out and think about. Coming to this book as a 39 year old mom of 5, ranging from 6-12 years old, is much different than as a college, early 20s individual.

First of…Snape. We all know that famous line, Always. That everything he did, and put himself through was because of his love for Lily. Hold up. Whatever he did, at Dumbledore’s request, he was still a complete ass to Harry. Yes, he was willing to do whatever was asked to protect her son, but he still treated him like crap.

Not to mention that he was a creeper level 10 in his unrequited love for Lily. He doggedly followed her for years, because he “loved” her, but yet was willing to sacrifice their relationship after Lily had repeatedly expressed that she didn’t like who he was hanging out with (death eaters). His having begged Voldemort to spare Lily was rather lame, because he was asking Voldemort to do that which he himself wasn’t willing to do: Change his actions for the love of another. So dumb.

There are a lot of plot holes, especially in book 7. Either I’m misreading and skipping spots or there are a lot of missing explanations as to what happens to Harry, or at the very least why it happens.

Mrs Weasley and Narcissa Malfoy. One thing I think these books get right is the power of a mother’s love. We hear to the point of no end about Lily’s love for Harry, how it protected him. We see Narcissa’s concern for Draco, Molly’s concern for each of her children and Harry, and even Aunt Petunia’s {albeit distorted} love for Dudley and if not Harry, his mother.

We all know the famous line that Molly says when she’s battling Bellatrix LeStrange, “Not my daughter, you Bitch.” But there’s a line quickly after it: “You – will – never – touch – our – children – again!” Oh my goodness. So much power in that! She’s not only protecting her own children, but tells everyone that tries and comes to her aid to stand back, that she’s doing this alone, for them all. She is single handedly stepping into the role of every mother.

Just writing that has me sobbing.

I was to the chapter, Battle of Hogwarts at 10:20pm. I knew I could stop there, that all the heartbreak could be delayed. Just knowing all that was to come, had me verklempt. I soldiered on, low-grade sobbed through the last chapters of the book.

So many things that I knew were gut wrenching, a few things that I had forgotten. Like Kreacher rallying the house elves to Harry: Sobs a new. The reconciliation of Percy to Fred and George, only for Fred to die minutes later. Neville and Nagini. Throughout all of it I couldn’t care less what’s happening to Harry. Honestly, he’s a less than stellar character. Particularly in the last book.

All the members of the DA come to Hogwarts defense. McGonnagall and Flitwick taking charge, and leading the charge.

Speak Up…before it’s too late.

In the late 80s, early 90s many parents saw the trajectory of the American school system and how it was failing children. They decided to pull their kids and educate them at home. A good and noble thing.

But it wasn’t enough.

30 years and a pandemic later the American school system is in crisis as it has continued to fail our children and our country.

Somewhere along the line it was believed that if kids were pulled out of school, they were fighting against the problem. But there weren’t enough people who pulled their kids out, and when they did, they removed themselves from having any impact on the children that were still in the classroom.

The future of any society is dependent on its children. Right now I’m speaking to EVERYONE who DOESN’T have a child in the public school system: Homeschoolers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, retired, working, clergy, those without children. STAND UP AND SPEAK UP!


It’s not just about protecting only your children. It’s about protecting every child. It’s about protecting our nation’s future. It’s about speaking up for children who DO NOT have someone who can do that for them.

Too many children in our school systems DO NOT have a grownup in their life who is able to fight for them (whether it’s curriculum, masks, or vaccines). They are trusting the school system, out of exhaustion, to provide a solid educational foundation for their children, and it is FAILING them.

If you don’t like what you’re seeing in our country, then stand up, start speaking out at school board meetings, start running for school board positions, start writing letters to your school boards and superintendents. Because those of us in the trenches are tired and we are losing because there is not enough of us fighting, and it is EVERYONE’s fight.

Every single person in this country should be interested in what children are being taught in school, not just the extremist left. You want your values, your beliefs, your morals and ethics to continue in this country, then you need to start in your school district, and NOT just pull your kids out. 

If people truly want change in our country then you start with children. Ask any dictator, Hitler, Stalin, Che Guavera, Castro, Mao, as the children go, so does a country.  We can no longer sit idly by, because evil never rests.