Peter – 11 Months

Just one single, solitary month until my baby is a YEAR old! It doesn’t seem to be possible. I’m sure Matt and I will be sobbing on each other’s shoulder on June 16th.


  • Weighs 22.5 lbs
  • 30″ long (He’s getting moved up to his convertible car seat very soon)
  • Standing on his own
  • Cruising the furniture like a pro
  • Wearing 18 month outfits
  • His 4th tooth (2nd on top) finally came in
  • Eating everything (loves avocados, bananas, and green beans)
  • Still napping twice a day and sleeping through the night
  • Finally crawling on his knees occasionally
  • He is enthralled with his siblings and their antics
  • Yea, he needs another haircut 😛


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