Peter 13 Months


  • Weighing 24.5 lbs
  • Length 31.5″
  • Has 6 teeth
  • Can get on the couch by himself, sometimes
  • More and more vocal
  • He is not only walking, he is now running…which is so funny to watch (he usually runs while holding a pillow in front of him)
  • Got his second big boy haircut
  • Still taking two naps (he gets woken up from them every day for swimming lessons, or pool time, or whatever else is going on, but he’s still a smiley champ about it)
  • He loves being in the pool….and I have loved my BeachFront Baby Wrap.
  • We officially moved him into his convertible car seat, but we’re using the infant as backup for pool and VBS transport. He still fits in it, fortunately, all of his length is in his legs.
  • Fully transitioned to cows milk, and we’re getting toward the end of fortifying it. He’s still getting 3 bottles a day (before naps and at bed time).

I just love this little boy…he’s so squishy and tolerant of all my squeezes. He loves being loved on by everyone. One of the things I’ve loved about having another little one is getting to see the interactions between the older ones and him. I love watching them talk and play with him. Avie wasn’t old enough for that when the triplets were born, so it was something we missed out on. Henry especially loves Peter, always telling me he’s a cute baby and asking if we can keep him.


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