Peter 18 Months

Mr Pickles is 18 MONTHS OLD!

  • He’s weighing in at 27.5lbs and measuring 33.5″ long
  • Loves jumping, and does a surprisingly good job at it for an 18 month old
  • Really played in the snow for the first time…he wasn’t too keen on being all bundled and kept falling over.
  • Teeth 13 and 14th have started working their way in
  • He’s starting to articulate much more with his speech
  • Signing a lot more too
  • Wanting to play more and more with his big brothers and sisters, much to their chagrin
  • Still sleeping well at night and for naps
  • Loves to rub his dinner plate on his head and throw his cup in the pots {during dinner}
  • Becoming more “assertive” in what he wantsimg_3109


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