Peter 19 Months

We’re closer to two than one!

Christmas was so much fun with him this year….he was very much into all that was going on: Overwhelmed, yes, but loving it.

  • Weighing in at 28lbs, length 34″
  • Still solidly in 18/24 month clothes
  • His face is getting longer and thinner, losing that baby look
  • He’s becoming very intent when working on things (you can see a video of him with a gear on instagram)
  • Kind of going wonky with his naps…sometimes it’s a morning nap, sometimes afternoon, sometimes both…the days are numbered for both
  • Loves being snuggled and gets himself into the coziest places
  • He handled his first stomach bug like a champ! He, unfortunately, had it longer than anyone else too.
  • He’s still working on a couple of teeth…his gums are red, but nothing threw yet.


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