Peter 9 Months

The baby had his first haircut! We took him last week and had about 4″ lobbed off the back. I had already trimmed his bangs last week. I was adamant that he not have a little boy haircut, so it’s kind of a shaggy, chop cut…so that he looks like a baby still. I actually was googling pictures of 9 month olds to show my hair lady.


  • Pulling himself into sitting
  • Very quickly transitioned from pulling himself to sitting to pulling himself to standing…not always, but on low things he’s done it
  • Weighing around 22lbs…his well child is next month.
  • Wearing 12-18 month clothes
  • Those top two teeth are still sitting right there…we’ve had a couple of rough days/evenings because of those teeth
  • The time change didn’t faze him at all
  • Just the happiest, laughiest, loviest, bestest little baby ever!





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