Peter – One Year Old

Peter is ONE! It’s been 366 days (there was a leap year) since the sweetness that is Sweet Pickle Peter burst into our family!

I still refuse to accept it. I don’t know how it could already have been a year since he was born. The kids were all kind of weepy at the thought that he’s not a baby anymore, especially Avie. She was lamenting much of yesterday about missing the baby Peter.


Peter – One Year Old

  • Weighs 24lbs 4 ounces
  • Length 31″ long
  • Got his first real, little boy haircut (we clipped off about 5″, which means he probably grew around 12″ of hair this year, since we had trimmed 4″ off in February).
  • Has two more teeth poking through, for a grand total of 6
  • Has taken up to two steps at a time, before sitting himself back down
  • He’s getting much more vocal when it comes to words and sounds and being silly
  • Still two naps a day and sleeping through the night
  • Officially transitioned from goats milk to cows milk
  • Wearing 18/24 months, depending on the brand and style
  • He loves playing ball with his brothers and sisters
  • Loves playing with cars and making them zoom about (I don’t remember any of the other kids doing this)
  • Infectious smile and laughter
  • Doing a great job of feeding himself…LOVES eating and not much gets on the floor
  • He’s becoming less and less cuddly…which mommy and daddy HATE



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