Putting Your Husband’s Love Language into Action

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Yesterday we talked about learning what our husband’s love language is. They’re guys, we’re girls, so the chances is pretty good that what speaks love to us is different than our husband. If you’ve been able to pinpoint at least 1 or 2 ways in which your husband feels loved, I want you to spend a few minutes today thinking about what the application of that is going to look like {check out this website for more information}.

There may be certain things that you and your husband are complete opposites on…maybe he likes the house to be really tidy and you do what you can, or he’s bringing you little gifts, but you really don’t care much one way or another if you get a gift. Look at what you’re husband DOES DO for you, chances are if he’s doing them for you, it’s because that is his love language.

Reciprocate! If he is always telling you I love you or wanting to hug/kiss…be the one to initiate it! Turn around and say/do it first. If he likes the house tidy, take a few minutes extra and clear at least one space for him…I guarantee, even if he doesn’t say anything, he will notice it. It is in our nature to love people as we want to be loved.

If you’re at a point that you and your husband are pretty much two ships at sea and really not having much interaction. PURSUE YOUR HUSBAND! Ask him what is one thing you can do to make his day better. He may say nothing, he may say something, but then don’t hem and haw about what he asked….DO IT! You’re actually taking your husband at his word will show that he means something to you. Remember this whole pursuing your husband is not about you, it’s about loving your husband well.

If you’re looking for ideas to be romantic, to put your husband love language into action be sure to check out the book 1001 Ways to Be Romantic¬†by Gregory Godek. ¬†Tomorrow we’ll talk more about rediscovering WHO your husband is.

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