Re-Discovering Your Husband

Pursuing your Husband 31 Days of Tips, Tricks, Prayers, How Tos, & Why Tos to Build a More Intentional Passion with Your Husband

Last weekend Matthew and I cleaned our room. Part of this whole pursuing thing, for us, is to be much more intentional in our time and spaces together. We dealt with a lot of the clutter and are in the process of trying to make our bedroom a retreat from the world, but I digress. One of the things I rediscovered last weekend was the Best Man speech that Matthew’s brother gave at our wedding.

In the speech he talked about how well we know some one, and seemingly the longer we know them, the less we KNOW them. He used a very “scientific” study based off a series of questions that had been asked of me and Matthew separately and how we answered them {the other’s favorites etc} and compared that to his own list of questions with his new wife {they were married 55 days before us, and had been together for about half the time Matthew and I had}. The bottom line: We answered a 1/3 of the questions right about the other one, and they had answered the majority correctly.

The longer we know someone, the less we actually KNOW them! Spend the time re-discovering your husband!

While the whole speech was very funny about this knowing someone less. The truth is the longer we know someone, we very often truly do begin to KNOW them less. We get to a place of comfort and complacent and suddenly we look at this person and think, “WHO ARE YOU?!” This is the single most common reason for divorces in long marriages. Somewhere along the way we forgot to keep learning who our spouse is!

This week we’re going to be looking at how we can rediscover who our husbands are, how we can pursue a deeper knowledge of them, so that we can better love them. Are you ready?

31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband

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  1. This is so intriguing. I’ve never though about it in that way, but it seems to be the case. My husband and I have several dates coming up, and I need to plan to find out something about him to keep knowing him. Thanks!

    1. ​​
      Enjoy those dates! There are tons of questions all over the internet! I’m sure you can come up with some on your own too 😉 I find for me that I sometimes need the inspiration of other questions to think up my own….kind of a way to get me out of the rut.

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