Schedule Keepers and Blessings

This seems rather ridiculous doesn’t it. You probably already keep the family schedule and are constantly reminding your husband of family plans and things that need to get done. How about doing it in a way that can bless him; rather than just being a nag.

You know what the difference is between nagging and blessing? The heart. Plain and simple. A change of heart is what makes all the difference.

How to Use Your Martha to Be a Mary for Your Husband: Event Coordinator

Keep track of those things that are needed to be planned for and organized, whether it’s inspections and repairs of vehicles or other deadlines that fall into the “That’s not my responsibility…” category. You know as well as I do what things need to be planned for and organized. You’re probably already doing a lot of it.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do
to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”
Luke 7:12

Tell your husband, “Hey your/my car is do for an inspection: What day works best to get it into the shop?” Then be the one to call and make the appointment. “Hey, you need to schedule a dentist/eye doctor appointment: When do you want to do that?”

These are things that are so easy to bless your husband with. You are taking the extra burden off of him, of being the one to deal with all these logistical headaches. You can also give him a good surprise. “Sweetie, don’t forget we have that {fill in the blank} on Thursday night. We need to leave by 7pm.” Surprise him with a impromptu date night, rather than just another thing on the schedule.

For some of you this may not work, you may not be the one who normally handles these kinds of things. You may still feel like you’re nagging him so he doesn’t forget important appointments. Whatever it is you can ask your husband what you can do to lighten his load a bit, and you can do it with a cheerful heart.

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