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What I’ve Been Reading – February 2020

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(F – Fiction, NF – Non-Fiction, A – Audiobook)


It’s a tie between The Printed Letter Bookshop and The War that Saved My Life/The War I Finally Won. They both appeased very different parts of me.

The Printed Letter Bookshop I thoroughly enjoyed for it’s realism, the complexity of life and all the relationships we become a part of, willingly and unwillingly. You can read my full review on instagram.

Brubaker Bradley’s books were a different read entirely for me; they’re Historical Fiction, as well as written for middle grades. The author did not allow the fact that these books were written for middle grade detract from the story being told or it’s raw truth and emotion.

She embraced it whole-heartedly and through it created an absolutely astounding cast of characters. Opening the harsh realities of life to younger readers, without the desolation and loss of hope that can come from it.


Not many choices, but even if there were I would still endorse The Read-Aloud Family 100%! Reading is important to me, raising a family of readers is important to me, and while that isn’t completely under my control I can do my best to give my children the environment and resources they need to LOVE reading.

Mackenzie’s book does a fantastic job of not only giving you the books you need to light your children’s reading fire, but also the information as to HOW to do it and WHY it’s so important.


Last Christmas in Paris. I don’t know why. This should’ve been a book that I LOVED, but I didn’t. It was a collection of letters, which is fine, BUT I was more than halfway through the book before the author made me CARE about the characters.

Maybe if I had been in a different head-space I would’ve liked it better. The story overall was one that I loved, but the writing left me wanting.

What have you been reading?

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What I’ve Been Reading – November 2019


Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk was my favorite. I had to read if the my Literature for Children course for grad school, but it had all of the aspects of a book that I love.

Here’s the project I had to do for Wolf Hollow:


Trust Redefined by Rachel Williams….you can read my entire review of it HERE.

Least Favorite

City of Girls…hated it! HATED! IT! I really wanted to like it. I’ve loved Gilbert’s other works, but this one was so meh. Here’s the review I left on GoodReads…

Page 330…that’s when it finally became something more than a 1 dimensional list of shallowness, hedonism, and debauchery….and I am no prude!

The entire story dragged on with very little growth or development, or really any plot. Even after it actually had some gumption it was still so random and hodge-podge.

I had really hoped to love this book, and except for a few quotes and lines, the entire thing left me flat and disappointed.

Some reviews likened it to the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo…not by a long shot, not for me. Loved 7HEH…this was a poor imitation.


What have you been reading? What is your favorite book of 2019?

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