The Honey-Do List

You know that Honey-Do list you have, the things that you end up doing most of the time yourself. Take an
honest look at it: How many things on that list are things that you are perfectly capable of doing? Maybe you just don’t want to do them.

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Probably a good portion of them. How many are things that you somehow find the time to do while complaining about doing them? Yea.

Don’t get me wrong: Husbands are members of the household and as such, in my opinion, every one needs to contribute to the upkeep. Beyond the obvious things that are every one’s specific to-dos, it’s a group effort. But what of those tasks canyou do?

Take out the trash.
Rake the leaves.
Mow the lawn.
Pull out the ladder and replace a broken light bulb.

I admit it, I’m a relatively independent woman. I used to do construction, long before my husband and I even met. I don’t balk at the idea of household repairs, maybe you do, but there is something you can do around the home that would lighten the load on your husband. The one thing I don’t touch…motors. I don’t do car or lawnmower repairs.

Maybe you can even swap time: I love mowing the lawn, this is one way for me to bless my husband. We swap: He’ll spend the time with the kids, while I go outside for some alone time to mow. It’s a double win!

“Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.”
Genesis 2:18

We’re not helpless creatures, we can do some of the “manly” things around the house. Perhaps it isn’t something you’re skilled in, in that case, talk to your husband, ask him if he’d show you how to do something. Men always want to know they’re needed and what better way than to ask him to show you how to do something. You never know, the next time he might take care of something that you were supposed to do.

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