Pursuing Your Husband: Why Is It Important?

31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband @JessicaMWhite.com

The obvious answer to why is it important that you continually be pursuing your husband is that: he is YOUR HUSBAND. You supposedly married this guy because you loved him enough to like the idea of spending the rest of your lives together. It was easy to love him then.

Then life happened.

Jobs, kids, responsibility, and it all just piled on. Bit by bit other things began to replace the time you used to spend loving each other. That’s life. That’s what happens, but it takes us being intentional to not let it happen. To not let our marriage go the way of the world.

” So the Lord God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken.”
Genesis 3:23

The Bible doesn’t give us much detail as to what the actual departure from the Garden of Eden was. We’re told that God had sewn them clothes from skin and banished them from the Garden. There’s no elaboration of whether they were given a satchel of food, tools to work with or anything else. We do know that besides those clothes {a sign of their sin} the only thing they were permitted to walk out of that garden with was each other.

Marriage is the very likely the ONLY thing that Adam and Eve took with them. It was the two of them, and God, facing the world and all the trials and work ahead together.

Why is Marriage important?

Because it is the gift that we were permitted to take from Eden. It is the gift that helps us to understand God’s relationship between Jesus and Us. If we can realize that Marriage is indeed sanctifying, that God will do the greatest work in our lives with our husbands by our sides, we will have realized one of the greatest facets of our faith.

We need to pursue our husbands, because God has called us to love this person as Jesus loves His church. If we don’t pursue our husbands someone else will, and it won’t be something of God. It will be sin, because the only one in creation who can pursue our husbands as we can is Satan. The moment Satan realizes that we are no longer pursuing our spouses he knows that there is an emptiness felt in our and their hearts, an emptiness that he can fill with his lies.31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband @JessicaMWhite.com

Homework: Ask your husband what are two things that you can do to make him feel more loved by you?
Think about how you can go about doing one of those things this week.


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