The Most Important Part of Pursuing Your Husband

Pursuing your Husband 31 Days of Tips, Tricks, Prayers, How Tos, & Why Tos to Build a More Intentional Passion with Your Husband

We’ve talked about a lot this month: From, what does it look like to pursue your husband, to figuring out his love language and rediscovering who he is, and where sex falls into all of thisThere’s one part we haven’t talked about, the most important part of pursuing your husband: YOU!

That’s right, despite all of the things we’ve talked about this month YOU are the most important part of pursuing your husband, and it’s for a very simple reason….he’s married to you. Now before you think that I’m going to give you all of these idealistic thoughts about what you need to be doing to yourself to pursue your husband, adding more things to feel guilty about when you can’t accomplish them, I’m not. What I am going to do is tell you one very simple thing….

You can’t impart what you don’t possess….
Chip Ingram

What does that mean? It means if you’re tank isn’t full, this whole pursuing-your-husband-thing is not going anywhere.

I want you to take a very long and deep look into your own heart, into your own life, and decide where you can cut back. Your kids don’t need to be involved in numerous activities, you don’t need to have the big house and the fancy cars, you don’t need to have the latest shoes or hair products….and I’m not saying having those things is unnecessary. What I am saying is there are places in your life where you can re-prioritize: Where you can find a few minutes here and there to fill yourself up.

We’ve become obsessed in our society with doing as much as we can while being empty. We praise the ones who manage to seemingly do it all, but the reality is doing it all leaves us very alone and very exhausted. I want you to think about the things that make you feel beautiful, that make you feel alive and do them for yourself. Maybe it’s taking time for a hobby, maybe it’s putting a nicer outfit on.

If you feel alive and beautiful you will be in a place that you are desiring to give and pour into others, and now, with a month full of prayers and ideas, you will be better able to pour into your husband without expecting him to reciprocate to you. Don’t wait for your husband to make you feel beautiful, do it for yourself, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

31 Days of Pursuing Your Husband

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