Using Your Martha to Be a Mary for Your Community and the World

When people think ministry they think big, they think nationally, globally. Which is wonderful, but most of the time those are things that just involve giving money. Yes Martha-ness earned that money, but it’s not the same.

Very often there is work that needs to be done; hands that are needed to minister not through finances, but through faith.JMW World and Community and the World

Many ministries whether on the local or global area struggle with finding people who are willing to give of themselves; whether it be through their time, their skills, or their own knowledge. Marthas are desperately needed on every level: Men and women willing to seek Christ and His work, being Marys to those around them.

We are called to be the body of Christ, as part of His church; to minister to others as He would have us do.

“Christ has no body on earth but yours. No hands but yours, no feet but yours. Yours are the eyes through which Christ’s compassion for the world is to look out. Yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good; and yours are the hands with which He is to bless us now.”
~Saint Teresa of Avila

Wondering what this looks like? It can look different for everyone. Ever heard of soup kitchens? Food banks? Charities? These are all things that can use your Martha, and through your Martha create blessings of Mary.

This Week’s Challenge: What is one thing you’ve been meaning to do on a large scale? Something that will bless someone that you may never even know. Think about how you can accomplish that goal.

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