The Women of Easter {a Review}

One of my biggest biblical interests has always been the stories of the women that surrounded Jesus, they’re just not mentioned very much in the bible and they all had fascinating stories. Liz Curtis Higgs doesn’t disappoint in The Women of Easter (her follow up to The Women of ChristmasLiz Curtis Higgs The Women of Easter).

Higgs goes into the stories of the three Marys (of Bethany, of Nazareth, and Magdalene). Sharing their stories surrounding the crucifixion and the resurrection. Without a doubt Higgs has created a wonderful book to draw you into the wonder and awesomeness that is the Easter season.

I had planned to wait until Lent to start reading this one, but I faced it out on my shelf so that I wouldn’t forget to write my review. I couldn’t help it any longer, I had to read it.


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