What’s been going on

It’s been a while. So much going on, so much draining me of my energy…so much. I can’t even explain it. It’s not because the baby keeps me up all night (he’s the best and sleeps through the night), it’s not because I’m going to bed too late. I don’t know what it is, but the past few months have left me absolutely exhausted…bone weary exhausted…to the point that I barely feel like I can function in the evening.

So what all has been going on here?

We’re in the homestretch of homeschooling this year. We’ve definitely gotten into more of a routine and enjoy the time. There are still struggles, but we’re working on it. We decided to continue for next year, so that’s a good sign! I try not to think about homeschooling the triplets, because it completely freaks me out. I have a whole ‘nother year before we have to make a decision on that…gotta love a December birthday!

We’re deep in the process of getting our distillery up and running, which has been one of the biggest stresses I’ve been dealing with over the past month. We found out about a matching-grant, which required that we completely this lengthy application process, as well as a business plan (I hate business plans). Pretty much every waking moment of mine that was not involved with children was spent writing this business plan. I easily had 40-50 hours into it. Ridiculousness. It was turned in this past week, which I am so glad to be done with that.

We’ve also had several months with my grandfather’s failing healthy, just waiting for the day to come. It did two weeks ago. There was a lot of scurrying about getting family stuff organized, then pulling things together for his funeral. Even though you know the end is coming, the not knowing is stressful.

I’ve barely accomplished anything creative the past few months. I have several quilts that need to be made, that sit in piles of fabric on my table, no closer to being a quilt. The stack of books is endless…I’ve managed to read a couple, but they’ve all been a struggle to get too and through (and by no fault of the books). Creativity has just not been something I’ve had the heart or the energy for, and it’s one of the most life giving things to me.

I’m really hoping that the next few weeks I’m able to get out of this survival/panic mode; it sucks.




    1. Thanks Jenni.

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel, so that’s a good thing! I think there was just this perfect storm of deadlines, death, and disappointment (Matt was supposed to be on vacation last week, but we decided for him to not take it because of everything that was going on).

      That, and Matt asked me whether I had been taking my vitamin D…I hadn’t once the weather got nice…so that’s likely part of the exhaustion too.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I like the idea of a sustainable situation. My husband also asked if I’d been taking my Vitamin D…I hadn’t, so I think that’s a big part of it too. Hard to believe how much vitamin D can impact our mood and exhausti

      1. I’m kind of confused about nutrition and supplements at the moment, and I can’t find solid answers even from doctors. People and books have recommended Vitamins D and B, iron, Omega 3 and cutting sugar and grains as well as the possibility of adrenal fatigue and low progesterone. That’s a wide array though, and I don’t want to experiment much while still nursing. For most of these things- nutritional and holistic issues- my doctors don’t have much guidance to give as the profession is based on pharmaceutical research. *ug*…..I know so many women in this same boat, it’s frustrating. I’m sure you can relate! 🙂

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