A Faerie Room for a Faerie Princess

Elanor was moved into what has been the nursery for the past 10 years. It was a somewhat emotional “thing” to be painting over the green and yellow that I painted in there 10 years ago, when we were FINALLY expecting.

I think her room is my most favorite…but don’t tell the other kids. It’s a smaller room, it’s cozier, it’s always felt very “warm”. Not to mention that it was the easiest one to repaint and fix, even though there was some tedium with removing all of the wall moldings to paint properly.

Ellie is very much a fantastical girl, she loves faeries and magic, unicorns and rainbows. I wanted a room that embraced that, but allowed for the beauty of faeries and not just overblown pixies.

We went with a very woodland feel to her room. Painting the walls shades of pinks, but keeping the furniture very earthy. We went with Behr’s Desert Coral on the walls, then I mixed white ceiling paint in for the lighter colors.

Most of the decor, bedding, and furniture in her room we had on hand. The bedding was from Avelyn’s first big-girl bed (an Ikea duvet). I did purchase the netting from Amazon.com: I was expecting it to be way expensive, but the one I found was $15 and more than sufficient. Our biggest problem is getting her to keep her bed in one place.

Ellie’s bed and dresser are antiques; they were actually my dad and his brother’s when they were kids. When my grandfather passed away I held onto a lot of the furniture for “someday” and I’m glad I did, because the green is perfect for her room, as is the detail on the headboard. It’s pine cone perfection!

I bought the flower and faerie decals from HearthSong. So many other decals were way more money or they didn’t have what I wanted or ENOUGH of what I wanted. This one was perfect: Easy to put on, easy to re-position!

The mirror my mother in law picked up at a yard sale and the needle work (crewel) my grandmother did years ago for me. The cork board was from Amazon and I just painted it.

Just like in the boys’ room we stayed away from a bookcase and opted for wall storage of books. This was another piece of furniture from my grandparents’ home.

A shelf that my uncle had built for my grandmother years and years ago to hold her collection of decorative plates and bird figurines, I just painted it white. If you look at the top shelf you can see some of the plates that I held onto for this room.

I tried to keep things above the border light colored, and things below more earthy tones, to really help with the feel of being in the woods.

Again, the artwork for this room was mostly stuff that I’ve held onto for the past few years. The insects are a series of Pottery Barn paintings that my mother in law found years ago at a yard sale, that just never quite fit in anywhere. Now they do! The letters I ordered off of Etsy and painted to match the rest of the room.

We saved a spot to someday put a desk in her room. Right now, Ellie is more interested in playing on the floor and spreading out than she is at sitting at a desk.

The curtain panel I picked up at Pottery Barn Kids on the last day it was open and managed to get this heavy crochet-laced trimmed drape for $15.

Of course I immediately came home and washed it…and it shrunk, because I was an idiot. And now it also has black paint on it from the kids. THIS is why we can’t have nice things!

There it is! Ellie’s Big Girl Room!


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