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Blessings in a Budget

There are so many ways in which you can use your busy to bless: Every little thing you do in your home can be used for your husband’s good, whether you work outside the home or not.

Blessings in a Budget: From Busy to Blessing
Chances are you’re most likely the one who does the grocery and other shopping. Bless your husband with this, be a good steward of the money he {and perhaps you} earn working for your family.

I know there are times when there is just not enough money; that no matter how much you try to stretch that last dollar it just isn’t going to make it. Obviously those are things you need to discuss together and make decisions about, whether it’s simply creating a budget and sticking to it, addressing other issues, or honestly just not having enough money. But, if you have a budget and are frugal with your money, you can bless him, especially when things are tight.

Rather than being wasteful with food, buying frivolous things, or things that are just way more expensive than you need them to be; take this time to be wise with your funds. To know that hard work and time away from your family, is not being squandered.

“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.”
Romans 13:8

Create a budget.

Here is a great website with LOTS of awesome information and printables to help you get a grasp on your finances. Once you’ve taken the initial time of thinking and planning in regards to finances, you’ll be surprised how much further your money goes.

Be a good steward.

When hunting and gathering for your family, whether at the grocery store, clothing store, or consignment shop and SAL’s Boutique, or even in your own backyard garden, make the best possible decisions for your family and finances. Don’t let the hard work of your husband {and YOU!} be squandered.


The hardest part of any budget. Don’t give in on those little things thinking it’s no big deal: I stumble with this constantly. Trust me, you will feel so much better if you don’t give in to those splurges on a regular basis.

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Using Your Martha to Be a Mary for Your Husband

Husbands oftentimes get sorely neglected by their wives, and not through anyone’s fault. Life happens, demands need to be met, and husbands are overlooked by us, only to get the ugly that’s left over after kids, homes, and jobs. What if there was a way to keep up with all those other things you have to do, and somehow use them to bless your husband? How to Use Your Martha to Be a Mary for Your Husband

There is.

Look at what you do as a wife, make up an entire list, even those things that cause you to get completely angry at your husband because you feel he should do them, but doesn’t. Now, go through that list, line by line, looking at each and every item. Every single thing on that list can be used to bless your husband, even if it is as simple as your doing it with a joyful heart.

“Rejoice always…”1  Thessalonians 5:16

Yea, I know scrubbing the toilet with a joyful heart is a bit of a stretch. Joyful doesn’t mean you suddenly love doing it, it means doing it without grumbling. Doing it because you know, even if it goes completely unnoticed by your husband, that it is done and the home he lives in is that little bit cleaner.

As wives it is our “duty” to go out of our ways for our husbands, to love on them and seek to bless them in their lives. We all know of the Proverbs 31 wife, and all of us know how desperately short of that we fall. Some of the things for which she is heralded are well out of our {modern} reach, but we can still take their meaning and seek to be a blessing to our husbands.

This week’s challenge: What is one thing you can do around the home or for your husband that will bless him?