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We Will Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

And just where have I been?! Surviving and trying to eek out whatever enjoyment I can from our craziness!

It’s been another busy summer. We just finished up with the fair, we have one more festival to do, the farmers markets are still going for another month, and then we will breath. In the meantime, we’ve started our second year of homeschooling and just got back on Monday from a weekend at Hershey Park (it’s a tradition).


It’s been a good summer though. The kids and I spent a ton of time at the pool, to the point that I am the tannest I have been since high school….just call me freckles!

Kids Pool

All of the kids (except Peter) are swimming and able to go from pool to pool without constant observation. They all thoroughly enjoyed swimming lessons and are missing their teachers and the rest of the guards. AND, I’m no longer afraid of doing things with the 5 of them by myself.

They’re all growing up; and while we are all enjoying this new phase, I’m inconsolably saddened by the disappearance of my babies. It just gone too fast! It always does, no matter if it’s your first or 5th. I think you just realize how fleeting it is as you progress in your motherhood, making it a point to stop in a moment to enjoy it more.

What other things have I been up to?

If you’re on Instagram, I’m definitely posting more frequently over there, you can find me @JessicaM.White. Since the triplets dropped their naps last winter it has been taking it’s toll on me. I don’t get much time to sit on a computer when I’m awake enough to actually accomplish something, which means that writing (and my other creative pursuits) has kind of taken a nose-dive.

How have you been? How was your summer?

Playing Catch-Up

Phew! I keep thinking that there will soon be a day that I can breath. It’s been a whirlwind!

First off WELCOME to all of you that are here from my Write31Days series! A quick-bit about me: I’ve been blogging since November 2007, when I first started sharing about our infertility struggles, which then, by God’s grace, morphed into a mommy blog. My husband Matthew and I have been married for almost 10 years {the end of this month} and we have 5 kids {a 6 year old, 3-3.5 year olds, and a 5 month old}.

We live in rural upstate NY in a really old house {either 130 years old or 92 years old…it’s up for debate. I think it’s closer to the 130 years old}, in the town that we both grew up in. I’m originally from Ridgewood, Queens, NY, moved here when I was almost 4. My husband is obsessed with homesteading and is intent on doing that despite our 1/4 acre in the middle of town. This is our first year of homeschooling our oldest {more on that later}.

Last weekend I wrapped up #Write31Days of Pursuing Your Husband. I seriously hope that some of my ramblings helped you to be better equipped at pursuing your husband…I’d love to hear from you. It’s a learn processing, because we are constantly changing individuals. I’m not done writing about husbands and marriage. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely DONE with that topic.

During the end of October I also headed to Rochester, NY for the Raising Generations Today conference, which was fantastic! I’ve been writing for their blog for the past year or so {find those posts here}, which has been intimidating and wonderful all at once. It was pure joy hearing all of the fantastic speakers {Lisa-Jo Baker, Lisha Epperson, and Kate Battistelli were a few of my favorites}. Traci Michele did a great job of covering the highlights in a post on her blog.

RGT COllage
I went with my mom, my neighbor-friend, a friend from our mom group, and Sweet Pickle Peter! We had quite a bit of fun. Peter was perfect and loved meeting all the people. We even made friends with another momma who was there with her 6 month old little boy {also her 5th baby}. There was even an Ellie Holcomb concert {she was the 2014 Dove New Artist of the Year}.

It was a great couple of days away! There was so much to take away from the entire conference, September and her family have done an incredible job and have such a beautiful heart for motherhood. And of course, there is always the incredible swag bag and sponsor gifts that you get to take home too!

Swag Bag RGT

If you live in the north-east, or anywhere for that mother, and are looking for a christian conference that speaks to the hearts of mothers looking to not only raise their children, but to raise their child and grand children through the generations.  It’s about living in community with moms in all seasons, embracing each other on this life journey; then Raising Generations Today is for you! I’d love to see you there next year!

Then there was also Halloween and our oldest’s 6 birthday. Halloween was fun. I’ve been thinking about this year’s costume since before the triplets were born! Thanks to the magic that is my mother in law, we had an awesome costume theme going on! Peter was my flying monkey, but I never got around to wings or a vest {Avie wore that costume at a year old!}.

Halloween 2015I feel like I’m finally back into this blogging game! No promises on how often it will happen. How are you doing? I’d love to hear about what you’re family has been up to and how life is going! Leave me a comment or drop me an email 🙂