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Peter 21 Months

Yea, I’m bad…totally late on this one. I’ve back-dated it, so at least when I go to find it, it’s not completely missing.

  • Fighting the naps
  • The bottom two canines are finally through…let me tell you…the teething has been hellacious with this boy…poor kid.
  • Lots more words…light, blankie, dog, boy, and trying to say the kids’ names
  • Hopping on two feet
  • Managing the stairs better, particularly going down
  • He’s becoming a little bit of a grump butt…not going to lie. I think it’s mostly because of his teeth, but MAN! He’s full of demands and temper tantrums
  • Loves ram-rodding around with the big kids (they love when he’s outside with them).
  • He is a DADDY’S BOY…no doubt about this. If Matthew’s home, he refuses to be with mommy.

Peter 20 Months


  • 28 lbs (he’s a lightweight compared to Henry and James at 20 months, they were both 33lbs)
  • Words: Please, thank you, Mommy, Daddy, Avie, Henry, Jamie, Ellie, Bye, baby, dog, and a bunch of others
  • Quickly growing out of his size 6 shoes…his boots still fit, but his sneakers can’t even get on his feet
  • Size 18 months are getting too short on him and he is definitely filling out his 24 month outfits
  • Running and lots of hopping
  • Says “no” to absolutely everything
  • FINALLY his canines are poking through…just the tiniest bit, but they’re there…all 4 of them at once (Has 12 teeth, plus one of the canines)
  • He is definitely becoming more and more of a daddy’s boy. I ask him for a kiss and he gives me his head, Matthew asks and he gets a hug and a kiss
  • He loves playing boop with noses
  • Loves trying to “hide”, whether it’s peekaboo or putting a blanket over his head
  • We’re still trying to figure out naps…somedays we get two, somedays it’s one
  • The boys’ favorite thing about Peter is that he’s cute and he plays with them (Henry calls him “The Cuteness”); the girls’ favorite thing is (I have to add it in…they’re not here to ask right now)

Peter 19 Months

We’re closer to two than one!

Christmas was so much fun with him this year….he was very much into all that was going on: Overwhelmed, yes, but loving it.

  • Weighing in at 28lbs, length 34″
  • Still solidly in 18/24 month clothes
  • His face is getting longer and thinner, losing that baby look
  • He’s becoming very intent when working on things (you can see a video of him with a gear on instagram)
  • Kind of going wonky with his naps…sometimes it’s a morning nap, sometimes afternoon, sometimes both…the days are numbered for both
  • Loves being snuggled and gets himself into the coziest places
  • He handled his first stomach bug like a champ! He, unfortunately, had it longer than anyone else too.
  • He’s still working on a couple of teeth…his gums are red, but nothing threw yet.

Peter 18 Months

Mr Pickles is 18 MONTHS OLD!

  • He’s weighing in at 27.5lbs and measuring 33.5″ long
  • Loves jumping, and does a surprisingly good job at it for an 18 month old
  • Really played in the snow for the first time…he wasn’t too keen on being all bundled and kept falling over.
  • Teeth 13 and 14th have started working their way in
  • He’s starting to articulate much more with his speech
  • Signing a lot more too
  • Wanting to play more and more with his big brothers and sisters, much to their chagrin
  • Still sleeping well at night and for naps
  • Loves to rub his dinner plate on his head and throw his cup in the pots {during dinner}
  • Becoming more “assertive” in what he wantsimg_3109

Peter 17 Months

Oh my…this boy is just growing up in leaps and bounds! I’m sure having older siblings really doesn’t help. Just today I was looking at him and he doesn’t even look like a baby anymore…it really is the little boy peeking back at me.


  • We have a solid 12 teeth now.
  • Running and climbing absolutely everywhere
  • Does a great job of throwing balls…he can actually kind of play catch.
  • Loves being on the trampoline (as long as no one else is bouncing him)
  • Loves hugging the dogs
  • Keeps coming out with new “words”. He now says “Where you?” “Everybody”
  • LOVES music and dancing. Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is his JAM!
  • Throws temper tantrums…but they’re really funny. He slowly lays himself out on the floor and looks at you…doesn’t flail about or anything, just lays there.
  • Loves blankets…he’s quite content to curl up on the couch (sometimes) and just cuddle, as long as he has a blanket and his thumb.
  • Occasionally he’ll lay on the floor and wait for you to get the idea that he wants his diaper changed.