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Peter 6 Months

I’ve loved doing this with every one of my kids! It’s so much fun looking back at how they’ve changed and grown over the months and years. I keep telling myself that one of these days I’m going to get each of them a book printed with their information, I just can’t decide at what age to do that!

My baby is 6 months old. I have no words for the heartache that I’m experiencing about Peter already being half a year. The days slip by all too quickly, and then they’re gone…never to be had again. I can say that with him I have taken my time to savor the moments, they’re all just too short. Soon he will be toddling around chasing after his brothers and sisters and we will love it, but I will miss the baby.

I am so beyond grateful that God has blessed us with Peter, because otherwise my babies would be turning 4 in a few days and I don’t know how I could stand that! With triplets there are so much fewer tender moments to just enjoy your little ones, you’re constantly at full speed, just trying to survive the next hour.

Getting to have just one more baby to enjoy has been incredible! And would I have more kids, absolutely! But I don’t think it’s in the cards for us, at least not from my body. We will all have to see what God will do. As much as the girls love Peter, they keep asking for a baby sister. I tell them, pray. Ask God. Which isn’t that what we should always do?

On to my Sweet Pickle Peter….


  • Weighing 19lbs 3 ounces
  • Length 27.17″
  • Maxing out 6 months clothes
  • Loves sitting up, but doesn’t realize he can get there on his own…yet
  • Rolls all over everywhere
  • Loves his jumperoo
  • Loves walking around the living room with Ave
  • Always smiling, always happy
  • Still sleeps through the night and naps fantastically
  • No teeth yet, but he’s sure working on them!
  • Starting to try and sit himself up…hasn’t quite worked it out yet
  • Takes a quick nap in the mornings, then a good 3 hour nap at 12:30, then another cat-nap in the evening
  • Is just such a fantastic little dude!

Playing Catch-Up

Phew! I keep thinking that there will soon be a day that I can breath. It’s been a whirlwind!

First off WELCOME to all of you that are here from my Write31Days series! A quick-bit about me: I’ve been blogging since November 2007, when I first started sharing about our infertility struggles, which then, by God’s grace, morphed into a mommy blog. My husband Matthew and I have been married for almost 10 years {the end of this month} and we have 5 kids {a 6 year old, 3-3.5 year olds, and a 5 month old}.

We live in rural upstate NY in a really old house {either 130 years old or 92 years old…it’s up for debate. I think it’s closer to the 130 years old}, in the town that we both grew up in. I’m originally from Ridgewood, Queens, NY, moved here when I was almost 4. My husband is obsessed with homesteading and is intent on doing that despite our 1/4 acre in the middle of town. This is our first year of homeschooling our oldest {more on that later}.

Last weekend I wrapped up #Write31Days of Pursuing Your Husband. I seriously hope that some of my ramblings helped you to be better equipped at pursuing your husband…I’d love to hear from you. It’s a learn processing, because we are constantly changing individuals. I’m not done writing about husbands and marriage. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely DONE with that topic.

During the end of October I also headed to Rochester, NY for the Raising Generations Today conference, which was fantastic! I’ve been writing for their blog for the past year or so {find those posts here}, which has been intimidating and wonderful all at once. It was pure joy hearing all of the fantastic speakers {Lisa-Jo Baker, Lisha Epperson, and Kate Battistelli were a few of my favorites}. Traci Michele did a great job of covering the highlights in a post on her blog.

RGT COllage
I went with my mom, my neighbor-friend, a friend from our mom group, and Sweet Pickle Peter! We had quite a bit of fun. Peter was perfect and loved meeting all the people. We even made friends with another momma who was there with her 6 month old little boy {also her 5th baby}. There was even an Ellie Holcomb concert {she was the 2014 Dove New Artist of the Year}.

It was a great couple of days away! There was so much to take away from the entire conference, September and her family have done an incredible job and have such a beautiful heart for motherhood. And of course, there is always the incredible swag bag and sponsor gifts that you get to take home too!

Swag Bag RGT

If you live in the north-east, or anywhere for that mother, and are looking for a christian conference that speaks to the hearts of mothers looking to not only raise their children, but to raise their child and grand children through the generations.  It’s about living in community with moms in all seasons, embracing each other on this life journey; then Raising Generations Today is for you! I’d love to see you there next year!

Then there was also Halloween and our oldest’s 6 birthday. Halloween was fun. I’ve been thinking about this year’s costume since before the triplets were born! Thanks to the magic that is my mother in law, we had an awesome costume theme going on! Peter was my flying monkey, but I never got around to wings or a vest {Avie wore that costume at a year old!}.

Halloween 2015I feel like I’m finally back into this blogging game! No promises on how often it will happen. How are you doing? I’d love to hear about what you’re family has been up to and how life is going! Leave me a comment or drop me an email :-)


4 Months Old

Babies grow up too fast, and the further down the birth order they are the faster they grow up.DSC_1400edit

  • Weighing in at 15lbs 8 ounces
  • Measuring 25.25″ long
  • Wearing 6 months in Carter’s
  • He has started to laugh and giggle
  • Loves watching the big kids run around
  • He’s enjoying sitting in his exersaucer
  • Loves his thumb
  • Will sit, propped, on the couch without falling over
  • Continues to sleep through the night {and gets very fussy in the late evening if you don’t put him to bed}
  • During Tummy Time he loves to put his head down and go to sleep
  • This boy sleeps to the point that I wonder if it’s normal
  • He’s always got a smile on his face and is ready to go anywhere…he is such an easy baby!


Peter’s Birth Story

My greatest piece of advice to anyone awaiting a baby’s birth is now: Don’t have ANY expectations. I’ve learned at least that over the course of 3 births.

Peter’s birth was about what I expected, and yet completely different from what I had envisioned. How often I’d troll through pinterest, checking out all of the homebirth and water birth photography, with beautiful glowing mothers welcoming their little ones into the world, supported by those they loved, and photographed beautifully through the course of labor.

None of those photographs happened for me, and yes, a part of me is a bit sad that I will never have those pictures of laboring and our little ones being born. I had mentioned how much I had wanted to just experience and enjoy this laboring and delivery, and I did, but it was all too short {I know, I’m weird to complain about that}.

The weekend I was 40 weeks {June 13th} we stayed home with the kids and did some belly finger painting. By Sunday night we figured we’d probably have another week of no baby and soldiered into the week. I wasn’t having any contractions or anything else that was hinting at labor.

Monday. Nothing.

Monday night I slept kind of crappy. I kept waking up every few hours and having to go pee, a bit of contractions when I was awake, but nothing to even mention.

Tuesday dawned per usual. I made the kids breakfast, we picked up a bit, and played outside. At that point my back was starting to hurt every so often, but again, nothing regular, nothing like contractions.

I posted this picture of Avelyn playing “mommy” around 9:15 on Instagram….


And Ellie took this picture of me at 10:00, the last of me pregnant….


My sister was planning on coming down in the afternoon, around 3:30, so that I could go and sign the kids up for swimming lessons at 5pm. My mom was on the route with my dad {doing what I used to do}, Matt was at my parents’ house receiving deliveries, and I was just continuing on.

By noon I called my midwife to tell her that I was having contractions, but nothing regular, nothing increasing, nothing intense. I was texting back and forth with my mom and Matt. By 2pm I had called my midwife and told her it was contractions, she cleared her calendar for the afternoon and got ready to come over and I told Matt to have his mom come down because the kids were driving me batty during contractions.

My mother in law was here around 2:30pm and we were working on filling the birth pool when Matthew showed up at 3pm. Oh boy! Was I glad to see him! My sister arrived around 3:15…we chit-chatted between contractions for a bit, but then I had to focus too much. It was all in my back and they came hard, fast, and boy did they hurt!


I’ve never had back labor before, but it was something I was kind of expecting given the anterior placenta. Let me just say, it wasn’t fun and nothing could’ve prepared me for it. My mom arrived just before 4pm, straight from the route, donned my pajama bottoms and Matt’s shirt and got to work.

As my contractions grew stronger and closer my mom and Matt had to push on my back and hips as hard as possible…it was the only way I could handle them. I had tried kneeling the way I had with Avie, leaning on my yoga ball, and standing…none of those positions were helping. The best I could do was lie in bed during the contractions and focus on them, rather than just being uncomfortable.

At 4:05pm I had another strong contraction and felt my water break {kept waiting all day for that to happen, to confirm I was in labor and tell people to come}. I got up to go to the bathroom, leaking, and by the time I was walking back out of the bathroom I felt like I needed to push. The midwife wasn’t here yet.

For the next 20 minutes I literally had my legs crossed, lifting my belly, trying to keep this little one from being born. The midwife raced up the stairs just before 4:30 and I got in position to push. A couple of pushes and we had a head, shoulders. The baby just kind of chilled and the next contraction our little boy was born at 4:35 pm!

It was intense! After he was born I felt like my legs were jelly and my back was finished. I was winded after all of that and felt like I had just run flat out for my life. He was born an hour after I started to have regular and intense contractions, 30 minutes after my water broke, and I think he would’ve been born earlier if I had let him.

Then I realized I never even had a chance to get in the pool!

For the first hour he lay on my chest and nursed a bit and we all kind of sat there in awe. In awe of him, in awe of how fast everything was, in awe of the fact that we did it! We had our baby at home! {and almost without a midwife…I was to the point that I couldn’t hold off anymore when she walked in the door. I was literally praying, Lord, let her get here NOW!}.


We then cut the cord…


got him weighed…IMG_1733

and still didn’t have a name. It was an incredible experience and one I would gladly do again.


Our first family picture. The kids were a bit crazy!


But, at least someone got to enjoy the pool…